Yikes! There’s Veggies Growing in the Basement!

Our Tomato Harvest

It is every gardeners dream to grow their own veggies.  The pride that comes from walking out to your garden and picking a fresh veggie is so rewarding.  We started about half of our garden from seeds and have probably more than 40 plants in the basement under the warmth of grow lights.  They are ready to head outside, but we are just waiting for our last frost date in our zone.  Since we had frost over the weekend, we feel that the end is near for cold temps here and gardening season will soon be full speed ahead!  We will also be planting cucumbers, leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, and celery too!

I am amazed on how well our plants have been doing and just had to share with you some of our progression photographs.  What’s amazing is that in just a few days, the plants get bigger and I have to move the grow lights up again on the chains they are attached to.  Progression.  Growth.  Smiles.







But what is more amazing is that we noticed a few days ago that we already have small peppers growing on a few of our pepper plants!  Amazing is what I call that!  What I would love to try over the winter, is to start some plants and see if we can produce fresh veggies during the winter.  Now that would be amazing!

Small peppers are already growing on our plants!

Small peppers are already growing on our plants!

Awhile ago, when I was transplanting the seedlings out of the seed tray and into bigger pots, there was one Big Boy Tomato plant that kinda did not make it.  All of its leaves fell off, and all that was left was a “little stick”.  When I say little stick, it was about an inch high and looked like nothing could save this little tomato plant.  But…. I decided to try to nurture this “stick” back to health.  I carefully transplanted it into a bigger pot with a spoon as not to disturb any roots (if there were any at that point).  I watered it, and gave it a nice spot under the grow light.  To my amazement, after all of my love and affection for this little stick, it has now grown into a beautiful tomato plant!  I am going to tie something onto this tomato plant when it heads out to the garden, and will cherish each and every tomato I pick from my little stick as I have grown quite attached to it!  (NOTE:  My little stick is the tomato plant below with the binder clip on it)

I almost threw this "stick" out, but saved it!  Now, look at it!

I almost threw this “stick” out, but saved it! Now, look at it!

Our new rain barrel is filling up nicely with rain water and getting well stocked with what we need to keep our plants well watered this season.  This will surely keep the water bill to a minimum this summer!  Keep checking back for more progression photographs, and soon we will be taking all of our plants outside and into the garden.  It’s time to grow up and move out of the house!

25 thoughts on “Yikes! There’s Veggies Growing in the Basement!

  1. You certainly look like experts Val! Sharing photo’s a month apart is really startling. You’re going to have tons of great veggies in no time. We haven’t had any zero temps since we got home, not even overnight. I haven’t bought anything yet though. Probably this coming week. It’s a long weekend here so the garden centres are too busy.

    • Our plants are getting so big in the basement, that we need to plant them in the garden in the next few days. Heck, we’re getting peppers on some of our plants too in the basement!!!! Now that is crazy!

    • Aw, thanks Misaki! I am working on hardening them off for the next five days so we can plant them already in the garden! It is a lot of hard work to do this!

  2. So what if they’re in the basement? They look supah fresh and delicious! I would love those fresh grown tomatoes as pasta sauce! 😀

  3. Awesome! I loved having a vegetable garden when I was a kid. Sadly, we don’t have a garden where we live no, but I have thought of building some sort of area where I could grow a few smaller things. Enjoy!

    • Oooooh, you should! You can make a garden bed out of anything these days. And, it does not have to be big either. Our raised garden bed is 6′ x 16′ and for now, it is just perfect for us!

  4. Amazing! It seems you should be able to grow year round with the lights and warm basement. I could never grow anything. My mother could grow everything and one of here signs around the yard said “everything grows with love”. Be well, hope it warms up soon.

    • Hi John! Yes, everything does grow with LOVE! I proved it by nursing my “stick” into a beautiful tomato plant! The tomatoes I pick from it will be cherished!

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