Two-Story House of Evidence


It has been one week since we all heard the news that Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight were found alive after more than a decade.  The thoughts of their horrific ordeal has filled my mind since the news story of them being found.  I can’t even begin to imagine what they had gone through, but now they have to learn how to adapt to a normal life again.  A life where no one controls what you do each and every minute of the day.  I looked back on my own life over the past few years and can happily remember all of the wonderful memories of birthday’s, anniversaries, celebrating Christmas with loved ones, and everything else in between, and get a sick feeling in my stomach now knowing that these three women have been robbed of a good portion of their life and will never get that back.  Even not knowing any of these women, your heart goes out to them.  How could it not?


As we drove to the Cleveland APL on Saturday, our heads spun around in shock as we saw the street where they were held for a decade and no one knew.  It hit home.  On our way back home, we found a place to park and I jumped out with my camera and walked down Seymour Avenue.  It was the strangest feeling in the world walking down that street.  My eyes darted back and forth, looking at everything.   Ariel Castro’s house, the man who kidnapped these three women a decade ago, was just three houses down on the right side of Seymour Avenue off of W. 25th Street.  As I approached the barricade on the street, I stopped and looked up and saw the house.  Immediately, my eyes welled up with tears.  I still cannot believe that no one in the neighborhood ever saw anything as the houses were so close together in the neighborhood.  I stood there looking at the house, like a deer in headlights, shocked.  This really happened, I thought to myself, and I still can’t believe that they found these women alive after all of this time.  It is amazing, it is a miracle.  I moved over a little and got a couple more photographs of the house, and I was not the only there.  What hit me when I was walking back to the car was that all the people who stood there like I was…..said nothing.  It was so quiet.  Silence.  We were all in shock.


The house was being boarded up and a 10 foot high fence was being erected around the house to protect it.  It is a two-story piece of evidence.


Our thoughts and prayers go out to Amanda, Gina and Michelle and we hope that they all can recover from this horrific tragedy that they had to endure for more than a decade and start healing and welcome life as we know it back, again.

14 thoughts on “Two-Story House of Evidence

  1. There was an article in our local paper (Melbourne, Australia) about it today and I couldn’t read it all – it was so sickening. I don’t have the words to even express the horror at how someone could do this to anyone else, let alone 3 young women who have lost 10 years of their life in the most horrific of circumstances. But it also makes me marvel at how strong the will to live must be – how could they endure day after day of abuse and torture of the worst kind and have the will to go on living in the hope that one day they might be free. Thoughts are with these 3 amazing women and I can only hope that they can once again see there is some good in the world (but I wouldn’t blame them if they can’t).

    • I know. This whole story is shocking. Just yesterday, Ariel Castro’s lawyers said that he is going to plead “not guilty”. How can he plead not guilty? The girls were found in his home! They weren’t there in his home freely! And, the biggest sick part of this story is that he said that he “loves” his little daughter that he had with Amanda Berry! All of this just makes me sick to my stomach too.

  2. Those girls have been in my mind since this news broke, too. And you’re right about all the years they missed out on – just being FREE. It sounds as though folks who come to see that house now are being respectful of the tragedy the girls endured. (I had to look up Cleveland APL!)

    • Castro’s house was just down the road from the Cleveland APL, that is how we saw the street. The house is now all boarded up with a ten foot high metal fence all around it to keep people out. I did not realize it when I was standing there looking at the house, but when I got back into the car, I realized that no one said a word when we were standing there in the street. The whole news story has me in shock.

  3. Since we’ve barely had the tv on and not bought a paper, I hadn’t heard about this until this morning. Mind numbing how this can happen in a home so close to others. Was there no screaming? I can’t let myself think of such evil, it literally makes me sick. Hope they can afford professional consoling, I fear they’ll never be whole or well. So sad.

    • Yesterday was one week since they were all freed. It is gut-wrenching to even imagine what all three of the women went through for TEN YEARS! It sickens me as well, but glad that Amanda took that chance in a million and tried to escape that day. He had to have left something unlocked or something for her to get to the front door and try to kick it out just to get out of the house. Not to mention, her poor little girl being born in those conditions. I can only imagine how distraught they all are. I have been so sick over this whole story, but glad it at least has a happy ending and all of them are now safe, and alive.

    • I know, and I agree. But from what it appears is that Ariel was quite secretive about his house with everyone. It is also amazing that none of his neighbors saw or heard anything in ten years! I am at home all day and I know what is going on in my neighborhood. Some would call that a nosey neighbor, I call it being informed. The houses in our neighborhood are packed right on top of each other, like his neighborhood, so it is hard NOT to see what your neighbors are doing, but apparently, no one saw anything at his house. I am just so saddened by this whole story, and find that it is close to our area.

  4. As the tears are falling down my cheeks, I feel more than just very sad! I can’t even imagine what went on during those horrific years! It is indeed a miracle that they all survived! What makes me even sadder is the child. What must be going through her mind? Does she even realize what happened? And, her Mother? The strength that she must have to endure all of this! How can someone do this to a person? Why?

    • It is a miracle that they are all alive after ten years of captivity. I agree about the little girl. That horrible man is her Father. I think the whole world is in shock that a) they found these girls, b) that they were alive after ten years, c) that no one heard or saw anything in all that time (the list is endless of the things that I am in shock over) Ariel Castro must not have had a conscience to do something like this. A normal person would have been consumed by their guilt, but then again, a normal sane person would NOT have abducted anyone. I hope he rots in jail for the rest of his life. It made me so sad just standing there in front of that house on Saturday. There were lots of people around, but no one said a word. Complete silence.

  5. I know, this is completely unimaginable and we are praying that they are able to get the help and support they need right now. What a crazy thing. I can’t believe you were able to get so close to the house either. I say we throw that guy in there chained up for ten years and see how he likes it.

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