LIVE Pledge For Pets Radiothon

Well, today is the second & final day for the 8th annual Pledge For Pets Fundraiser which a lot of you helped us raise donations for.  We will be heading down to the APL today to watch it live as it is so amazing to get caught up in all the hoopla of this wonderful event.

If anyone is interested in WATCHING this event LIVE, click the link below and you can view the webcam setup at the APL.


You can also LISTEN along as well!


It is heartbreaking to see a hurt animal, and your donations will go towards their care and recovery.  Click HERE to read about some of the featured animal stories.  (some of them are graphic)

There is still time for you to make a donation today!  If you would like to make a donation, click HERE.  Any dollar amount helps, as it all adds up for a good cause!  This is your LAST CHANCE to make a donation!  You don’t have to live in Ohio to make a donation either, but if you love animals, your donation matters, no matter where you live! 

We will be posting photographs of the live event upon our return, so stay tuned.  Thank you so much from all of us at Nikitaland for your generosity!


6 thoughts on “LIVE Pledge For Pets Radiothon

  1. HAPPY “MOMMY’S” DAY VAL!! Can’t wait to see all of your pictures from your visit to the APL! Taking a break from my Mother’s Day celebrations! Harmony had a BLAST ripping the wrapping paper off of my gifts! She is now taking a puppy nap snooze! (And, so is her Daddy!! He was up late last night helping her wrap my gifts! LOL) My Guys treated me to a Sunday Brunch after church today! Now, I hope that we all have enough room for dinner: lobster tail, shrimp cocktail, scallops wrapped in bacon(for Mom and Dad, and MY favorite dinner!!), a filet(for Christopher), and, of course, a cheeseburger for guess who? I’m cooking, but I don’t mind. The only thing is that Michael has given me a challenge this time because he could not get the two lobster tails the same size(There is a big difference in weight, but they look the same to me! He forgot to mark which one was which, soooo. Should be interesting!!) Hope that you are having a FANTASTIC weekend!! It is a BEAUTIFUL day here!! A little cooler and breezier today but just gorgeous!! NO HUMIDITY TODAY!!!!! Christopher and I suffered yesterday with our allergies! He is STILL stuffed up today though! I feel VERY sorry for him; I know how he feels! Gotta go for now and get dinner started! Love, Karen and the rest of my Gang! XO

    • HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! Yep, I can empathize with anyone who suffers from allergies because I do too. They make you miserable. We spent the day at Roy’s parents and dined on his Mom’s stuffed cabbage for Mother’s Day. YUM! We actually saw it snow on Sunday here. We could not believe it! Tell everyone that we all said hello! {{{hugs}}}

      • SNOW!!! We did see quite a bit of blue(snow) and pink(mix of snow and ice) in some places on the weather map yesterday! And, it looked like a lot of rain coming off of Lake Erie heading your way! Stuffed cabbage(pigs-in-a-blanket, Halupki) YUMMM!!!! Haven’t had them in awhile! Did Roy’s Mom give you any leftovers? My Mom always made them, in addition to other main courses, for every Holiday! And, Michael’s Grandmother always seemed to have them in supply! They do take sometime to prepare, but you can make lots and freeze them uncooked or cooked! One of these days… Val, now you made me so hungry for them!!!! Oh, lobster tails worked out GREAT; leftovers of the same foods for dinner tonight! DOUBLE YUMMM!!!! (Funny thing though, the bigger tail{25 ounces} was cooked through and the smaller tail{18 ounces} needed to be put back in the pot for a minute or so!) Everything was DELICIOUS if I have to say so for myself!!!! (Pat on the back!) Christopher just got home from substitute teaching, and I can’t wait to hear about his day(His seniors had their Prom on Saturday, so I am sure that they were not too attentive today! The Prom was in New Jersey/New York, a cruise! WOW, Prom days sure have changed!!) Have a WONDERFUL night! HUGS right back!!!! Karen XO

      • Oh yes! The stuffed cabbage was delicious! We even grown cabbage in our garden just so Roy’s Mom can make stuffed cabbage. We did indeed, get leftovers! Your lobster tails are making me hungry! I love seafood! Tell everyone that we said hello!

    • We just got back from the APL and it was so nice to see everyone again! Nikita and Bella made LOTS of new friends! They raised a total of $705 for the APL!

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