Enjoying The Day

I can’t believe it is going to be May already next week, where did April go?  It feels as if we never had Spring arrive around here and we went straight from winter to May.  Just one week ago, we were sitting at the kitchen table enjoying our morning coffee, watching it snow.  Yes, I said snow.  It was crazy and we looked at each other and said WTF!

The month of April just seemed to fly by.  We had so much going on with both of us getting sick earlier in the month, Daddy getting a new car, getting new neighbors, the Boston Marathon bombing, the deer eating everything in our yard (but that always happens around here), painting all of the bedrooms, mulching, watching our garden plants get bigger, and painting lots of flower pots for the summer.



The dogs are more than ready to assist me in whatever I am working on, and after I painted our tall flower pots for the front porch yesterday, Bella had to check out my work.  I think she approved, until she saw a doggie walking down the street, then she forgot all about the flower pot inspection.  Our new bright red flower pots must be a hit, because every car that passes the house, takes a look at them and our neighbor even told me yesterday that she liked how bright they were, “just perfect for summer” she said.  I agree.  Now, I need to get some bright colored flowers to put in them!


I don’t know about you, but around here, there is always something going on.  With our weather finally cooperating, I can start concentrating on the yard.  A few weeks ago, in the midst of some of our snowfalls, I started fixing some of the dogs pee spots in the yard and just put some grass seed down.  The one thing that I noticed last year that I never did before, was spread grass seed throughout the summer across all of our backyard, instead of just on the pee spots.  What happened, was that we got the thickest lawn ever and I for sure will be doing this again this year.  It was amazing on how beautiful the backyard became, everything filled in so beautifully and was so lush and green.  Now, I’ve got to work on the front lawn to get it thick and plush too!  It never ends around here, always something to do.


But, I always take time to spend with the dogs.  Both Nikita and Bella just absolutely love the ladies who work across the street from our house, and I took Nikita over there yesterday for a visit.  Nikita was just shaking from joy when she saw Maggie.  It was so adorable.  Maggie just adores Nikita and gave her lots of hugs and kisses.



Bella and I spent some time in the front yard running circles.  She got me so dizzy, that we had to stop and take a break.  We sat in the front yard watching all the cars and doggies walk by and of course, she woofed at each and every one of them.  It is so cute on how her expressions on her face change when she sees another dog.  She gets an intense look on her face, and tries to look around me just to get a gander at the dogs that approach.  Silly dog.  For such a little dog, she is one good watch dog, but has the loudest woof around town.  She knows what and who belongs on her street!


After I finished up mulching our flower beds, our neighbor (the nice one that I mow her lawn) came over and asked if I could help her remove two dead bushes.  I headed over there and started working on digging them out, but the roots on these suckers were so large that I had a little trouble.  I got the stumps rocking a bit, but needed some help, and when I saw a bunch of young boys riding their bikes past her house, I asked them if they could help.  They were more than helpful and about five of the boys grabbed a hold of that bush while I chopped away at the roots with my shovel.  Success, the bush popped out with their help!  (Thanks guys!)  All in a days work, is what I would say!  I love helping the neighbors, cause that is just what you do.  Be neighborly and lend a hand when asked.  I was one tired puppy by days end, but it was a good tired, if you know what I mean.

I wonder what next week will bring?  I know one thing for sure, is that I need to start reconstructing our garden fence around the garden to keep the deer out.  We will be planting in our garden soon, just waiting for our last frost.  We had at least two mornings this week alone that had frost on the lawn when I took the dogs out in the morning.  I did get our garden door out of storage yesterday and repainted it.  If you remember my post from last year, I made a garden door from wood so we had a place to enter our garden.  It worked out great and just wide enough for me to get the lawnmower through the door to cut the grass around the garden.  We are quite ingenious over here, but never do we just throw something together, as there is always thought behind it.  Gotta make everything look pretty, right?


Gotta get some rest this weekend so I’ll be ready for all of my projects next week!  I know that I also have to start working on our Halloween props out of paper mache again, as this takes time to construct.  I think my next prop will be a witch, so look out for those posts!


23 thoughts on “Enjoying The Day

  1. Aaahh, girlfriend lending a big hand to those new neighbors is SO awesome of you…but that doesn’t surprise me any!!!!! Your dog bubbles always make me smile…it is your signature…keep it up!!! I will be leaving for Seattle tomorrow…so this is my last post here till next week. Have a good week. Talk to ya soon!

  2. You’re lawn looks GORGEOUS. Wow there is NO green here yet. I really like what you’re doing to your pots. Are they wood or plastic? What kind of paint did you use? The red will be an awesome POW on your porch. Sounds like you live in a nice neighbourhood when young guys will stop to lend a hand. Really, how could they resist you? 😉 I’d say “don’t work TOO hard”, but I know that you will. Have a wonderful Sunday Val, I’m running around for last minute holiday stuff.

    • Our lawn is getting there! I have been working on the backyard diligently fixing all the pee spots from you know who! What I usually do is lightly fill all the pee spots with some topsoil and scratch it up, then seed it. I just got down our first fertilizer application yesterday on the front lawn too. I always help out the neighbors and she was most happy that those dead bushes are now gone! It is raining here today, so I am definitely going to take it easy! What are you getting at the store today?

      • Hey? Wuz up? LOL, I just found a bunch of messages I didn’t see b4.

        I don’t even remember what I was shopping for that day….packing’s a blur. Probably just sunscreen, which we have been using in vast quantities. LOL Gotta run here again and get ready for dinner. Kiss Kiss

      • You got it babe, Aqua palooza all the way 😀 Hey did you plant your new red planters? That’s going to be a WOW on your porch.

  3. Yes this year’s spring season is late and winter extended , evenso, the dogs are as happy as always! And oh I so love your comic pic! I especially laugh at the last one 😀

    • Oh yes, we’ve mowed already a few times! With the rain we have had, it has given new life to our lawn! We do indeed have a great looking posse, of the four-legged kind. 🙂

  4. Wow you have been busy this week/month. I know what you mean about the weather, we still have frost but hubby has done the first cut of the lawns and we have been weeding today in the cold sunshine. I wish it would warm up a bit…

    • Oh man, I have mowed the lawn a few times already over here! I have already been all around the yard and dug out weeds and the dandelions too. (gotta keep those under control) Today is sunny, but cold. I hear ya, I just want it to warm up already. Geez!

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