Keeping the Neighborhood Safe

Dogs find some of the most interesting things to amuse them.  Things that we see every day that are normal to us.  Yet, for some reason, they get all worked up, get all hot and bothered under the collar.  They woof, they growl, they make some funny noises, they get agitated, they dance around and it’s usually all for nothing.  But, it is nothing to them.  They find these things a threat, at least to them.  It could be a plastic bag blowing down the street that bothers them to no end.  They sit there and watch it as is slides down the road past the house, until it is out of sight.  Threat gone.  Dogs go back to napping.

What amazes me is how they hear this stuff.  For instance, one night we were sitting in the living room playing The Game Of Life on our Wii system, and Nikita jumped up from a solid nap, ran to the front window, and I followed her.  What did we find?  A bunny hopping down the sidewalk past the house.  How in the heck do you hear a bunny?  The windows were closed, so how is it possible to detect a little bunny softly playing hop scotch on the sidewalk?  Silly dogs.


We have had a lot of trucks in the neighborhood lately.  The dogs see every one of them.  They get all bothered that this truck is near their home.  Sometimes they drool.  It is hilarious to watch.  Our neighbor finally moved and his moving truck that was parked in front of our house had the dogs on patrol.  Window to window they ran trying to get closer to the truck.


We had a delivery of things the other day and for some reason, the dogs do not like this driver.  They go super nuts when they see this guy.  The baby gate by the back door sometimes does not even hold them back, as they rock that gate back and forth trying to get this guy to leave.  The poor driver knows too well that we have dogs and he stands back from the door, just in case.


And, we cannot forget the garbage trucks!  The dogs can hear the rumble and bangs from the garbage truck & the recycle truck every Wednesday morning.  The trucks booms and bangs echo in the morning breeze and the dogs are waiting.  Looking out the window.  Leaning their heads out the window just to get a peek of the truck coming down the road.  Some days, they have their heads pushed so hard into the screen that it makes a slight impression.  Silly dogs.  But what drives the dogs nutso about the garbage & recycle trucks is the loud mechanical arm that pops out of the side of the truck to pick up the garbage can, then flings it up in the air and dumps it in the garbage truck.  This drives the dogs crazy as they bark, growl, dance, and make a lot of woo woo sounds.

All in all, the neighborhood is safe.  It is safe from any plastic bag invasions, any bunny hops on the sidewalk, any office supply deliveries, and keeping recycling under control.  Word out.

Woof, the neighborhood is safe.


20 thoughts on “Keeping the Neighborhood Safe

    • WOW! Now that is talent! A seagull on the neighbors roof! Dogs are amazing for sure! Nikita and Bella keep the neighborhood safe around here! I love seeing their little furry heads in the front windows!

  1. It’s so fascinating to me what their world must be like with their hyper senses of hearing and smelling. I live in an apartment building and Reggie knows the people who “belong” on our floor and who doesn’t just by the sound of their footsteps. If they don’t belong on the floor he will sometimes give them a woof or two.

  2. Hahaha, this is cute! Joe tells me all the time that the dogs can hear my car before it even pulls down the street and they know it is my car because they get all excited and run to the window tails wagging and wiggling, whereas they pretty much hate every other person on earth, so MY car noise is the only thing that gets them excited. It’s really incredible when you think about it. Sometimes I wonder if it’s not just hearing but if they can actually SMELL that stuff more than anything, seems likely.

    • It’s funny that you mentioned something about the car. Roy just got a new car last weekend and it has confused the dogs a bit. They are getting used to seeing a new color of car drive in, then they run to the back door to greet Daddy! The dogs go all good nutso for the UPS truck. Probably because the UPS guy fusses with them when he drops off packages. It is so cute on how excited they get when they hear the USP truck coming down the road.

  3. You’re in good hands to be sure. Bella’s bandana colour is wild! I think often when a dog is alerted to another animal long before they’re on our human radar is that they have smelt them. Dogs smelling is several thousand times better than humans, it naturally compensates for their poor eyesight.

    • Now that is one good smelling snoot! I wonder what I would “smell” if I could smell a bunny hopping down the sidewalk! LOL Don’t worry, Nikita and Bella catch everything waaaaay before it even reaches the house!

    • Yep, we feel safe from all bunny hops now! The Game of Life on Wii is awesome! We play it every weekend! We’re addicted to this game! We used to play Wii Monopoly, until we got the GOL.

    • Yep, it does drive me crazy too at times, but then I smile and give them a hug! They bring so much joy to my life. Heck, a leaf could blow across the backyard when the dogs are outside doing their business and when they finished, they have to go pounce on it! They crack me up!

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