Life With Allergies


Finally, after more than a week and a half, I have some relief.  Relief from allergies, the pressure, the sinus headaches, the sinus infection, the stuffiness and the constant need to blow your nose.  Now, Roy is coming down with all the same symptoms.  The last few weeks have been simply horrible.  Lack of sleep, the medicine-head feeling, and all you want to do is sleep, but life does not stop when you’re feeling good.  The dogs still need to go out, the doo doo’s need to be picked up, dinner needs to be made, the house cleaned, and the laundry done.  All of which took every part of my being to accomplish.  I am finally starting to feel like myself again, thank God.


4-12-13 Plants

Life continues.  The plants are doing incredibly well and are getting bigger every day.  We are so pleased that our garden plants are growing up right before our eyes, and are doing 100% better than last years plants.  Last year was our first time gardening ever, other than a little cherry tomato plant in a pot we had in prior years, and along the way we have learned some valuable gardening lessons.  We learned that we can’t leave the grow light on 100% of the time, as this makes your plants grow spindly and out of control.  We learned that after they get their first 3-4 true leaves, they need some sort of fertilizer to make them strong.  We learned that you can’t keep all the little pots too close to each other, or mold will grow on the pots and can damage your seedlings.  All good lessons that we have learned along the way.


Spring is finally upon us, and I cleaned off the weed eater and mower and got it running over the weekend and cut our grass for the first time.  I’ve got lots of doggie pee spots to fix in the backyard, but that happens when you have a dog.  Last year I worked really hard in growing new grass in the backyard and it turned out to be the plushest lawn ever, and I want to get it back to that same state this year.  I always look forward to this time of year, even though maintaining a yard is lots of work, I actually enjoy it.  One thing that you might not have known about me is that I have worked as a professional landscaper.  I know how to build stone walls, install walkways, install sprinkler systems, run a tractor to grade new lawns, know how to drive a BobCat, and much more.  Beautifying yards is in my blood and to some cutting the lawn is a chore, but not to me.


The little craft project that I was working on is finally finished.  I painted three small clay pots in Behr Mint Majesty with a black rim.  I used Mod Podge to adhere my yellow circles to the pots, then added my 1 2 3 numbers for some charm.  I am growing some marigolds under the grow lights and I will plant them in these pots when they are bigger.  I love the bright summer colors on these pots and I can’t wait to find more uses for the Mint Majesty paint!

We’ll be getting new neighbors soon, as our neighbor sold his house.  We are anticipating the arrival of new friends to enhance our summer with cookouts and awesome fire pit nights.

Roy got a new car over the weekend.  He picked out a new 2013 Elantra.  Ah, the new car smell is such a wonderful thing.  Now, trying to figure out what all the buttons and gadgets do is another thing.  I still have to get used to watching for a different color of car pulling into the driveway, and I am sure the dogs do too!  They always sit by the front window and watch for Daddy to arrive home, now they see his new car and wonder “who the heck is here?”

Also, don’t forget that we are still collecting donations for the APL and if you can make a donation of even $1, or $5, or $10 to this worthy cause, we appreciate it.  We don’t get anything for all of our efforts but hope that everyone who is reading this, can make a small donation today!  Every little bit helps and it all adds up and helps those animals in need.  Click HERE to make a donation!

I am glad that life is finally getting back to normal, as my energy level is back to normal.  The timing could not be better, as I have a lot of work ahead of me with the yard, the garden, and trying to finish painting our bedrooms to freshen them up for Spring.  So, I hope that everyone missed me, but I am finally back and ready to keep up with life again!

22 thoughts on “Life With Allergies

  1. Wonderful. The real signs of summer ahead. Your plants are looking great and it must give you a real sense of accomplishment. Those pots are adorable. I take my hat off to anyone who makes their own things and, especially when they look as good as yours. So pleased to hear you are starting to feel better.

    • We do feel great pride in seeing how our tomato plants, red peppers, and green peppers and cabbage are coming along. They are doing better than last years plants for sure. I am a crafter by heart and love to dabble in EVERYTHING. Thanks for the well wishes, and I too am glad I feel much better. Back to normal again! Phew!

  2. HEY? I wasn’t totally finished…..don’t know what happened there….giggles. Anywho, as I was gushing, I could totally see you zipping around in a bobcat 😀 zoom! zoom! Your tomatoes are positively brilliant (I’m saying that rather poshly and with an english accent). Nice to hear from you sunshine, enjoy the tulips, they’re smashing xK

    • Yes, yes, yes, we are so proud of the progress with our tomatoes too! Last year they did not look this good and when we planted them in our garden, they all died and we had to purchase plants. I am doing something right this year for sure! I had one customer watch me for about a week while I was grading his lawn and he was surprised to find out that I was a girl! He was shocked that I was doing all of that work in his yard. I was truly honored that he was impressed.

      • Do I hear a business in your back pocket? I follow a blog called ‘Hammer Like A Girl’ and they kick butt with all kinds of creative projects. They amaze me and so do you! xo

      • Aw, I amaze you! That is so cool! I do mow our neighbors lawn every week for money. She is too busy at work and does not have the time to cut her own lawn, so she fired her landscaper and hired me to mow every week. I love it! “Hammer Like A Girl” I love it! 🙂

      • Hee hee hee, I knew that YOU of anyone would love the color of my flower pots! It is called Mint Majesty by Behr at Home Depot. I got a sample jar with 8 ounces for $2.87.

  3. Good grief, you’ve been going thru the Kleenex too? I wonder if it’s a nationwide epidemic. Mr B brought it home a week ago and two days later I had it too….misery. Glad to hear you hit the turn around though. I can’t believe you’re mowing already, that’s awesome. I always have loved mowing the lawn too. I’m entirely impressed at your landscaping resume girl! SNAP

    • Yes, my landscaping resume is quite good. If you lived by us, I would be helping you out! I did more work on the landscape crew than all the young guys. LOL Yeah, I had Spring fever and got the mower running and had to run it around the yard. I am just glad our snow finally is done, at least I hope it is! I hear ya on the misery part with whatever it is going around. It was horrible, and poor Roy got it too.

      • ((Val)), We’d have the spankiest yards I am certain. Hey, you are a pro, you could have a little fee plan for people who’d like to take advantage of your expertise. Just because you love it, doesn’t mean it would have to be free….just saying 😀 Or I could scrap-a-licious something in exchange for your landscape help. Man o man, rock walls would be awesome! I not surprised that you outworked the boys, in my experience, girls are usually a bit more organized and get stuff done twice as fast. We’re good woman….I’m just putting it out there LOL. Take care of Roy!

      • Definitely taking care of my man! He is feeling a bit better too, and is glad. Life is good again! Boomie, we for sure would have the nicest lawns around, and the best times enjoying some vino with good friends! Man, life would be great if you were our neighbors!

      • The rest of the hood would get mad that we stay up late at bonfires drinking wine and laughing too loud, then we’d be up early starting our lawnmowers and getting the wife’s addicted to scrapbooking so they spend all their hubbies money….sign me up 😀

  4. Yes, it is so good to see you back on the blogsphere my friend. You have alot on your plate which is great to see a girl with a pep to her step. The plants are doing wonderful and will look great in those cute pots you made…keep us updated.

  5. I am sooooo happy to read you are feeling better! Hubby is suffering from similar maladies this weekend. He looks so miserable! :o( Your pots are soooo cuters! Beautiful work!!!

    • Aw, thanks! I am glad too that I am feeling better. It has been rough. Feeling “normal” is a wonderful thing! I think my pots will look so cute on the front porch too!

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