Faces of the Abandoned


Every day we watch the news.  Some days I sit there watching in shock.  I really can’t remember a news post any more lately that does not put that look of shock and awe on my face.  Murders, stabbings, abductions of kids, and the horrible abuse and neglect of animals.  

I know that I can’t change the world and make it all better, as we live a nice quiet simple life.  But, we do our part, every year and join in to raise donations for the APL who help more than 17,000 animals a year.  No matter what condition the animal is in when it is brought in, the APL does not turn them away.  Some times I wonder how hard it is for the employees at the APL to see this kind of neglect, day in and day out, it has to be hard.  Some days they arrive to work only to find a box taped shut with kittens or puppies in the box.  No food.  No water.  Just a box sitting there, waiting for someone to find it.  I give them credit.  A whole lot of it.

We wish we could do more for all of these animals, but as everyone is probably in the same boat, living a simple quiet life, we know it is hard to give to all the charities in the world.  But, if everyone who is reading this today, we encourage you to make a donation, even if it is a small one for the APL, because if everyone who loves what we are trying to do, your donations will all add up into something wonderful for these animals.  They will receive the care that they need, they will have food to eat, electricity to keep them warm, all in the hopes that one day, they find their forever home.

We know what Nikita and Bella went through before we rescued them, and it was not a pretty sight.  So if you can find it in your heart to help us raise donations for the APL, not only will we be super happy, but we all will be happy that we helped an animal in need.  We get them one step closer to happiness, because they all deserve to be in a happy home.  They deserve to be with people who will love them, play with them, and when they close their eyes at night, know that they will never have to go through those perils ever again.  Nikita and Bella are pure examples of happy dogs who got their chance from the help at the APL.

Think about making a donation today, as your donation DOES make a huge difference in an animals life!  CLICK HERE TO DONATE!

10 thoughts on “Faces of the Abandoned

  1. Great post Nikita. Hope lots of donations come in. I’m battling the same stuff this side of the world. Desperately trying to raise funds for people doing such incredible work. There really is no excuse for all these animals being neglected and homeless. Oh how I wish people would take their responsibilities to this planet of ours seriously.

    • Well written comment and much appreciated. We do wish that others would commit to helping out animals who are homeless too! Every little bit helps and it does make the difference in an animals life and well being. Our two dogs found their forever home with us & are truly happy!

  2. This definetly had me tearing up, I can’t wait till I can rescue my next dog (and he’s gonna be big…watch out kirby!) :p
    P.S- I love your theme and banner of nikita. I tried to pick this theme before too,but it wouldnt let me upload my own picture for the banner, just would only let me pick a default… So I was just wondering if you got a customization pack or something, or if its just me not getting it (like usual) lol. Anyways I loved hearing about Nikita andBella’s rescues they are little angels 🙂 xoxo-kirby and leah

    • Hey Kirby! We’ve got the two best rescue dogs ever! With the theme that I am currently using, you CAN upload your own photos and just not use the default ones. It’s easy and when you get the pics uploaded, your pics change with every page you go to. Choose the theme, then go to appearance, header.

  3. It’s a mess isn’t it Val? I get so angry because theres absolutely no reason for so many unwanted pets. Spaying and neutering has to be more affordable. Governments do not support shelters enough either. I hate that taxpayer money’s in Edmonton are going to build a new arena for the Oilers (millionaires playing a game) and our SPCA struggles. I refuse to support that or the team and will spend the $200 it cost to go to a hockey game on animal welfare. Bravo for doing what you can, I love you for that.

    • It is a mess Boomie! It is a real shame that people can do such harm to an animal and get a slap on the hand. They need to pass the law that these people get much stricter penalties for animal cruelty. We do the best we can and love helping out. Hugs!

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