Hello April


4-3-13 Current TempsApril has finally arrived.  We should have flowers blooming and the weather should have improved by now.  Yesterday, as I worked on finishing re-potting all of our seedlings, I watched the snow flurries cover the ground.  It all melted, but just watching it snow made me sick.  It was 28 degrees this morning.  The dogs doo doo’s were steamy as they sat there piled up on the ground. This is definitely not flip flop season yet.  One can only hope.

I’m working on finishing up a craft project that I will be sharing with you soon, and I hope you will enjoy it.  I have Spring on my mind.  Warmer weather in my thoughts.  And flip flops that are dying to be worn.  Here’s a sneak peak of my project.  Can you figure out what it is?

No 1

This will be Bella’s first full summer with us, as we adopted her last year in September.  She will soon have fun romping in the sun with Nikita in the backyard as they love playing with each other.  They each whine for the other when one is outside.  The sit side by side at the front windows to patrol the neighborhood.  If one barks at something, the other chimes in.  When the neighbors arrive home, they run through the house to the back windows to bark “hello” to them.  Nikita loves heading outside with Mommy and always is ready to lend a hand when I’m working in the yard.  She loves rolling all around in the grass and chasing birdies.



Dreaming of nicer weather.  Dinners out on the patio.  Fire pit nights.  Cooking on the grill.  Not wearing a coat, hat & gloves.  Ah, Summer, here I come!








17 thoughts on “Hello April

  1. Beautiful, beautiful pics of the lovely Nikita and Bella. I’m looking forward to seeing their backyard romps in the warm weather. Reggie can’t wait to get to the park!

    • Hi Jackie! Nikita and Bella love posing for pictures! We had a nice day yesterday and actually got the chance to open a few windows, but it’s a little cold again today. Can’t wait for the nicer weather!

  2. Wicked ol’ Mother Nature…we’ve been told she will be messing up our drive home tomorrow too. Wet snow is forecast. Geez Louise! I’m dreaming of you dreaming of fire pit fun, flip flops, big red tomatoes, sprinklers on the lawn and dining el fresco. Loved all your doggy photo’s Val, especially the dreaming one. How’d you do that? For a minute when I saw 28 degrees, I thought wow, what a beautiful day……only in Canada eh! (28 C is awesome). Is you number one for a home made t-shirt for daddy? 😀

  3. Oooooh! I love the one of (I think it’s Bella) with her head resting on the table and cocked just a bit. Is it a bunny chew-toy for her birthday or an edible dog-cake? Those are my guesses…hang in, spring is coming. beautiful and glorious, she’s a comin’ round the mountain!

    • Ooooh, that is a very good idea! But my old flops get thrown away as I wear them all the time and they end up getting worn out, straps break, and they go to flip flop heaven! Got a new pair waiting for Spring to arrive!

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