It All Started From A Little Seed


With the unusual crazy weather we have been having, it is hard to think about gardening.  But, with all gardeners, the thought of gardening is always on your mind. When we get to the end of a gardening season, it is like a huge let down, that we have to say goodbye to our gardens, kinda like saying goodbye to an old friend.  We have grown so close over the months, we have babied you from a little seed, watered you, gave you light, watched you grow, and like all parents do at one time – – we kick you out.  Yep, we kick you outdoors and into the nice garden soil we have prepared for you.  Ah, your new home, rich soil with the right amounts of nutrients to grow big and strong.


But it all starts with one little seed.  Some of our seeds we carefully saved from our harvest from last year, but others, we ordered and impatiently waited for them to arrive in the mail.  Not sure why we were so impatient for their arrival, because when we ordered them, it was not even close to the time to start those little suckers indoors.  Or was it something else?  Was it our impatience to start gardening again? Just seeing and holding a seed pack in your hands made you drool.  You start dreaming.  You start dreaming of the day when you pick your first tomato.  Tomato & cucumber salads.  I gorge on these in the summer and can’t get enough of them.  Oh wait, then there’s those awesome tomato sandwiches, and by far the best – salsa & chips!  Man, I can’t wait for the day when I can walk outside and pick a handful of tomatoes and enjoy the fruits of our labor.


We started lots of red pepper plants this year, as last year we did not have enough. We use red peppers in almost all of our meals, so we planned accordingly this year to be ready for a great harvest.  Right now, I think we have about 18 red pepper plants getting bigger every day, getting ready for the day when they head outside and into the garden soil.  And if you missed our post last year on our World’s Famous Rolled Chicken Recipe, you’ve got to check it out and make some for yourself!

I can taste those stuffed cabbage rolls now!

I can taste those stuffed cabbage rolls now!

Our little babies are growing up and soon will be leaving the nest.  They will have to be strong to survive the elements, be able to withstand torrential downpours, stand tall in heat waves, and survive the small critter attacks.  It is what happens in the day in the life of a gardener.  We learn, we make mistakes, we fix them for next year, and we harvest what we sow.


12 thoughts on “It All Started From A Little Seed

    • I had to use that analogy, as it fit quite well. We raise them, watch them grow, and yes, they have to be kicked outside on fend for themselves at one point. I just can’t wait to get to the picking part and be able to pick what we sowed! That is the fun part. Growing them indoors first, is extremely fun too, but eating what we grow is better!

    • I am working on re-potting the rest of the seedlings today, and as I sit here re-potting them, it is snowing outside! Isn’t it April 2nd? Grrrr. I remember last year when we were building our raised garden bed in the driveway, it snowed the next day. It is a lot of fun watching them grow up, but even better when I can pick something from a plant that we started from a seed! We did in fact have a great Easter! I gave away three of my sock bunnies to Roy’s family and they loved them! (how could they NOT love em, right?)

  1. Wow! Look at you grow. I only started seeds once, in my garage in February under a grow light that cost $50. I had marginal success and resigned to support my local greenhouse where I then got a job to pay for my addiction. I’m truly impressed by your dedication Val, everything looks great! I’m no physic, but I’m seeing yummy salsa in your future.

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