Mother Nature Can Be Cruel

Nikita playing in the snow
picasion Nikita playing in the snow

Well, it’s supposed to be Spring around here, but Mother Nature has a different plan for us.  Instead of watching all the Spring bulbs popping out of the ground, which they are, and watching them start to bloom, they are covered up under a pile of snow. One year ago around this time, we had temps in the 80’s, which normally does not happen and our trees bloomed early because they were confused.  So, one year later, instead of our weather getting warmer as the days of the calendar pass us by, we are still dealing with shoveling snow and low temps.

Our poor little Spring blooms that have peeked out of the ground, are stunned by the cold and the blanket of snow that covers them, and will probably not bloom this year. The dogs, however, are still enjoying the snow on the ground.  They run and play, eat the snow (hopefully not the yellow snow), and love digging in the snow piles.  It is hard to get them to come back inside after enjoying a romp in the white stuff.

But, while inside, I still need to constantly watch our little puppy Bella, as what you need to do for any pup.  When Bella disappears, that usually means trouble.  I always think the best, but when I go investigate on what she is up to, most of the time she is being sneaky and up to something.  I usually do a toy head count and know which one is gone from the toy box, and then I find her…. laying so innocently in the other room ripping apart a toy and yanking the stuffing out.  I have seen my fair share of “stuffing” in poop piles, and have had enough of that sight, but as to why they do this still is a mystery to me.


Pet Hospital Patient

Our “Pet Hospital” which resides on top of the fridge is always jammed packed with patients who need bandaged and sewed, and although I try my best, sometimes a “limb” needs to be surgically removed.  Oh, those poor toys that sit in the toy box missing an arm or a leg, a eye has been sewn shut, and they start to look like Franken-Toys with all the battle scars across their chest.  Poor poor toys, you sure have been through a lot, but you still hang in there, and have high fears the next time you are yanked out of the toy box wondering if “this” will be the day that we have to put you down.  Bella is always innocent.  She gives me that “it wasn’t me” look, and always points the finger at Nikita.  We know better.  Nikita hasn’t ripped up a toy in a long time, so we know who the culprit is that is doing all the damage to their poor toys.  The Pet Hospital is always open for business.

The time it took me to write this post… another toy lost its life!  RIP orange ball.  For sure, more stuffing will be found later today in a steaming pile of poo.
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28 thoughts on “Mother Nature Can Be Cruel

    • I am quite amazed that I have not sewn up a toy in quite awhile, but tennis balls are gone the second they start playing with them. They need to make better tennis balls!

  1. The UK is equally challenged weather wise at the moment – the coldest spring for about 30 years, snow across much of the country and freezing temperatures. What is happening to our weather? We should be seeing the blossom and the bulbs coming up, instead we have the big freeze.

    • I hear ya! We just heard that we have another winter storm heading our way next week, that the Midwest is now experiencing. It dropped over a foot of snow in the Midwest. Man, I hope we don’t get any of that. I am tired of shoveling.

  2. Sorry Val, I do not think THAT face would lie, HA…no way Jose. Yes I see the evidence, but it must have fallen out of the toy box and split open there ;0P woof. Bummer about the weather, seems we’re all in the same stinkin’ boat. What’s with it anyways? I protest, I’m going to drag spring in kicking and screaming if this nonsense continues. xK

    • Bella is NO WAY innocent! If what you have said is true, about the toy must have fallen out of the toy box that way, then how did all the stuffing get inside her mouth and stuck on her chin? Hmmmmm. Busted is what I say! I agree with you on the weather – I will kick the not-so-funny Mother Nature’s butt if I can get my hands on her – she has it coming for our nasty weather!

      • LOL, ok maybe Bella has not been sneaky enough.

        Yes, yes, I’ll even hold Mrs Nature and you can place one of those sexy winter booties of yours squarely on her posterior..HA

    • Bella is eight months old now and has definitely grown up. Both her and Nikita are best friends and whine when the other one is not around. Please do, wish for a thaw for us! I am tired of shoveling the snow & getting bundled up to head outside. I miss my flip flops!

    • Hey, they could be cousins! I call Bella a little Wanker (not quite sure what a wanker is) but the name fits her. Impish is probably a better name for her. I always tell them that Mommy knows all, and has eyes in the back of her head. Thank God I know how to sew, or we would go broke buying toys! Hugs!

  3. Help will be 2 in about a month. I gave up in sending his Toys to the hospital a long time ago. He especially likes to take apart squeak toys. Luckily now a days he is only shredding his toys and not my shoes or socks. Though he does eye my socks with longing… 🙂

    • I think that is what Bella tries doing…taking out all the squeakers, but she has to munch through all the stuffing first to get to them! That is why I keep a close eye on her!

      • The best part is when I find Helo laying amongst all his fluffy destruction. He looks at me like “aren’t I the cutest puppy!” Rolls over and wants a belly rub 🙂

      • Oh, Bella’s got that look down pat too! She could even give me that look with stuffing hanging out of her mouth, and still say to me “what?” “I didn’t do anything”.

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