Anatomy Of A Sock Bunny

Sock Bunny Collage2

Socks.  We all have them.  In all shapes, sizes, and colors.  They are mysterious.  Yes, mysterious because it still baffles me to this day how they elude me in the dryer.  They are magicians too, as they magically appear in the next load of laundry.  They reside normally in a dark drawer, or sometimes found in the pet bed chewed.  They come in pairs, kinda like twins.  They always match.  Sometimes they get holes.  They warm our feet or cover up unpainted toes.  Socks are funny.

Socks have lots of responsibilities.  They always have to stay together.  They get balled up, folded, or neatly placed in a drawer.  They always have to be ready when that drawer opens to go to work.  Sometimes they get pulled from duty as they are a little worn and need mended.  Sometimes we have to say goodbye to them when they have warmed our feet for the last time and there is nothing more we can do to save them.  They serve many purposes.

Unattended Sock Bunny

Other than unofficial chew toys for the dogs, socks can be used to create the most incredible people toys.  Yes, that’s right, we need and love things that make us smile, and who knew that a stupid striped sock could bring us so much joy!  I never did, until I got my scissors out and started cutting up my loyal socks that resided in the bottom of my sock drawer for many years.

Sock Bunnies Lineup

So, now comes the hard part.  Do I leave my socks nestled all snug in the sock drawer, leave them to keep their magical powers that be in the dryer, or yank those suckers out of the drawer and make Sock Bunnies?  I think we all know the answer to this one!

Anatomy of a Sock Bunny

CLICK HERE for the full tutorial of HOW TO MAKE A SOCK BUNNY.
(Go ahead, I dare ya!  Or you can pay me to make some for you!)

What are your socks gonna do today?




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20 thoughts on “Anatomy Of A Sock Bunny

    • I am so glad that YOU, of all people, liked them! YOU are the most talented person I know and for YOU to like my bunnies is a huge compliment to me! Thank you very much! And, no….the dogs stay here! LOL Hugs to you! P.S. – How are you feeling?

    • Ah… we do have a shop! We sell on eBay and when I get more colorful socks, I hope to corner the market, or at least turn some heads with my awesome bunnies! I am so glad you liked them! Don’t worry, the bunnies are now up on a high shelf because both Nikita and Bella have tried to sneak away with them, many times! 🙂

  1. Wowee-Kazowee! BAM!! those are really colourful and cheery. You’ve been busy my friend. The little skirts are adorable too. You must flip when one gets snuck away. Hopefully not too much injury happened before the rescue. Cute picture of you darlings too!

    • I have been really busy….busy trying to get all of these done! I felt that they needed to be girlied up a bit and decided to add the tulle tutu’s and I am glad I did. They turned out better than what I ever imagined! Glad you liked them…as much as Nikita did! LOL Hugs!

  2. OH MY WORD!! This is nothing like I would imagine they would be! For some reason I was thinking alot smaller!! These are wild girlfriend!! I love them. No wonder you have spent along time on them…there is so much going on…not just a filled sock. Where did you find these crazy colorful socks? Nikita having one in her mouth…now why does this not surprise me☺ The tutus are fab!

    • Oh yeah girlfriend….I made them crazy for sure! I found most of the crazy socks at Pat Catan’s and the others at KMart! For these, you have to get the knee high socks so they are tall! I told you that you would LOVE them! Yeah, Nikita grabbed one and thought she was real funny, and I was like freakin out. Gimme it back, but she just ran! Silly dog! But before I got it from her, of course, I had to take a photo of it! LOL So glad you liked them! I found the tulle on eBay and got it cheaper than I could if I bought it at a craft store too!

    • Ooooh, I hope you try making one! After your first one, it is easy! “We” are never the fault for chewed or ripped things….how could WE ever do anything like that!

  3. Hi, thanks for stopping by!
    We have a collection of odd socks – no one knows what has happened to their partners. I think they would be happier if they were given a new lease of life.

    • These bunnies are for the family, not for Nikita & Bella! Although Nikita as you can see, thought that one was for her! I learned how to make these and I am hooked now! The tulle tutu’s really make them look awesome! I would have to get some really thick socks and make them for the dogs! 🙂

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