Let’s Get Animated

BLOGGING TIPSContinuing on with scouring the “information highway” or web for interesting things that you can do to spice up your blog, I went on a searching safari for how to animate your photo’s, or How to Create an Animated GIF.

It’s a real jungle out there and you could get lost in all the websites that provide tutorial assistance, but I found a website that was self-explanatory and easy to use.


The website is called Picasion and you can create an animated GIF in just a few minutes, or faster than you can finish a cup of coffee.

First, take a sip of coffee, and head on over to Picasion.  The first thing that you need to do is to upload your photographs.  As you can see, it shows that you can upload three photographs, but you can upload more than that.  Select your images from your computer.  Choose the size of your GIF.  (for the sample that I created, I used the “normal” setting)  Then, choose the speed.  (once again, I chose the “normal” setting)  Click “Create Animation”.  As you can see from below, I created a simple Animated GIF from four photographs of Bella and it turned out great!  This definitely adds a little spice to the blog!  I can see a lot of great uses for this already, for example, I can illustrate how our little seedlings are growing by grouping a few photographs together as the Animated GIF flips through the photographs!

gif animatorspicasion.com gif animators

In just a minute you will see your very first Animated GIF, congratulations on a job well done!  But wait….. you still need to get it on your blog post.  Don’t fret, as that part is easy too.  If you are looking at your finished animated GIF right now on Picasion, then you will see that there is a lot of “HTML Code” listed right below your GIF, highlight and copy the code for HTML Code for Blog/Website.

Now, just head on over to your WordPress Dashboard, and create a new post.  When you are to the point in your blog post that you would like to add your Animated GIF, click on the “Text” tab and paste the code you just copied, then click back to the visual tab.  You will now be able to see your Animated GIF live in action on your blog post!  And if you want to check it out before hitting the publish button, click Preview first, and if it’s ok, click Publish.

NOTE:  While testing this process, I found that your animated GIF looked better if your photographs were in succession.

If you create your own Animated GIF from this tutorial, let us know!  Good luck and have fun and keep checking back for more blogging tips!

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Get Animated

  1. Hey, cute! I love what you’ve done there. These must be all the rage. I was just reading about them in another post I love. You guys are so tech savvy, Thank goodness for that, I would have never known.

    • Hi Rumpy! It is really easy to do! I was surprised and in a few minutes, you have an Animated GIF! Way Cool! Let us know when you create one so we can all check it out! Give us a shout out on your blog too for our tip! You guys rock over at Rumpy Dog!

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