How To Add Tickers To Your Blog

BLOGGING TIPSEveryone blogs for different reasons.  For fun, for their pets, family life, gardening tips, photography, fashion, and some blog to earn extra money.  For whatever the reason you blog, we all want the traffic to our blogs, we want followers, we love “likes”, and we love comments.

Trying to find neat things to enhance our blog is hard.  Most of us don’t have the time to do extensive research on blogging, so I decided to do the research for you!  Every week, I will try my best to find some unique blog enhancements that you can use on your blog.

BLOG TIP NO 1First up, I found a great website for adding tickers to your blog.  You can add a ticker for a birthday, anniversary, days to a holiday, pet birthday, days to an event, and much more.  Daisy Path is where you can find all of these awesome tickers for your blog.

I have added a few “tickers” to the sidebar of my blog to show you what they look like.  I have added one for Nikita and one for Bella, one for Nikitaland’s Anniversary, and since we love Halloween, I added one to count down the days until Halloween.  When you find the type of ticker you want to use on Daisy Path, you have a choice of a mini (or small) or large ticker.  The size you choose all depends on the width of your blogs sidebar.  (the ones that I used were the mini ones)

Once you have found the type of ticker you want to use, enter in the data of your event, and in the last step, all you need to do is select “WordPress” and Daisy Path gives you the HTML code.  Just copy the code, and head on over to your WordPress Dashboard and select appearance, then widget, select Text Widget, drag the text widget box to your sidebar and paste the HTML code into the box, click save.  Now go check out your blog to see what it looks like.  If you don’t like it, you can always delete it!

Create one today!  Perhaps you can add one to count down the days until your next vacation!  Have fun!

21 thoughts on “How To Add Tickers To Your Blog

    • Blogging is time consuming, but putting a little time into refreshing it, makes all the difference. For me, I have finally found a theme that I love, is sized perfectly so my photo’s aren’t cut off, and has a lot of options.

  1. So Nikitaland is doing blogging tips too now? Well…I guess we can just fill up each others head with so many ideas till we explode. LOL! It sure would be great to have the time to explore and implement all of them. Love your tip logo.

  2. Went back to your home page to check em out…..very cute Valeroonie…how did you get their pictures on the ticker. I had one for my Blogging Birthday and now one for my count down to San Jose. So cute.

    • Hi Kelly! The website had tiny pet pics to choose from and I picked ones that looked the closest to Nikita and Bella. I think you could upload your own pic too, but not sure. Yeah, I did see that countdown you had for San Jose – wish I was going with you! I need a vacation bad.

      • Today is my favourite day since it’s Animal Rescue day on our morning news! Cute dog with the weather, which by the way is a very cold -12 C. We’re pretty excited about our trip, only 6 weeks away! Are you planning any vacations this year?

      • No, we don’t take any vacations. I have been to Cancun many times & swam in a cenote, and the Bahamas and got stung by a jelly fish.

      • OH NO, that must have hurt. I’ve never been stung but seen hundreds in Chesapeake Bay on a visit, they warned us not to swim though. Did someone have to pee on you LOL, I’ve heard that takes the sting out

      • No one peed on me, but the barkeep put lime juice on it. But I remember waking up at 2:00am the next morning and felt like I was on fire again. Being stung by a jelly fish really really hurts bad. It got me on the back of my leg and I had a red mark where it stung me for awhile.

      • Oh man, I don’t want to find one of those any time soon. Lime juice does sound much more civilized. Plus, good was to rack up sympathy from the barkeep….perhaps a shooter would help?

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