Lucky Streak

Never would we have imagined when we woke up today to a dreary raining day that we would find out some great news.  While perusing our email messages this morning, we found out that we won a contest over at Oh My Dog Blog and will be receiving Frosty Paws and a Frosty Paws Plush Dog!  How cool is that!


Thanks so much Oh My Dog Blog for holding such a great contest as we were one of ten winners!  You should definitely head on over to their blog and see what they are up to!  Also, while you are checking out their blog, take a peek at “Emmett” as Emmett looks just like Bella!

We must be on a lucky streak this week, as we got a surprise from Mommy who made us some neck pillows.  She made them from the pant legs of Daddy’s old jammies and since she was out of polyfill, she stuffed the little pillows with grocery store bags!  We thought that was ingenious of her to do that, but she said that she will make us another neck pillow once she gets some stuffing!  That’s ok Mommy, as we like the crinkle sound the pillows make when we play with them.  We know that they are not perfect, but we love them, and when Mommy gets some new material, she will make us more pillows and she said that she will applique some “ZZZZZ’s” on them!



Also, our good friend Laurie over at Pride in Photo’s just celebrated her birthday yesterday and we hope that she had the best day ever!  When you get the chance, head on over to her beautiful blog and see what she has been up to!

Since the week is going so well and we seem to be on a lucky streak, we should play the lotto today too, just in case!  And, who knows….. Publishers Clearing House could visit our house tomorrow and let us know that we just won $5,000 a week for life!  Now, wouldn’t that be nice!  That would be a lot of dog treats, eh?


18 thoughts on “Lucky Streak

  1. Totally Pawsome Valerie. I loved seeing Nikita and her new pillow. What a great place to hide grocery bags, even if it’s temporary. Lucky win on the ‘frosty paws’, if you want to share any winning lotto number knowledge come on by. Hey, be watching Idol later…wahoo!

    • Hey Kelly! Lots of great performances on Idol tonight! I was torn on a few of their decisions, but I like the line up so far! We are so happy to win Frosty Paws and a stuffed Frosty Paws Doggie! How cool is that! We love our new pillows! (repurposing shopping bags into doggie neck pillows is such a cool thing)

      • We just finished watching IDOL and I was totally flummoxed at their choices. Especially the last two. The gal singing Lady Antebellum was totally off key and uninspiring. And then the cut gal with the giant guitar!! Why is so going home, she sang in tune a totally gorgeous song. Urg!

      • I am with you. I do an Idol review sheet of my own and I keep track of what they sing, make comments on my sheet, and do my own voting. We were surprised last night too on some of their decisions! Oh well, America will vote them off next week as I believe WE get to vote now! hee hee hee

  2. I am SO happy for you Nikita and Bella!!! NEW pillows? Woo Hoo!!! And you won a new toy too. You guys are on the fast track!! Dalton would be SO jealous if he knew. But we won’t tell him…its our secret☺I read your mommy entered the Publishers Clearing house…you tell her…she wins…she better be buying a trip to Florida to meet her new friend.

    • Hi Ya Kirby & Leah! I have been dragging my new nappy pillow all around the house today and taking lots of naps with it! That Mommy of ours is super duper nice to make us pillows for napping! Yep, tomorrow the Publishers Clearing House that we entered is picking a person to win $5,000 a week for life and we hope our lucky streak helps us to win that! Man, that would be so nice to win!

      • That certainly would, I wish you lots of luck. Is this a lottery, or a giveaway on a site. Just curious maybe they will have one next year and we can enter.

      • Is where you go to enter. They do this every year around this time. And the neat thing about this is that when YOU win you get $5,000 a week for life and then you assign another person to receive it after you pass away. So, you could continue it onto another family member. We are keeping our fingers crossed on this one!

    • Picking up a lotto ticket is on our list of things to do today for sure! Our new crinkle pillows (LOL) are fun to lay on. What a great day we are having for sure! 🙂 Hugs to you guys!

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