Pinterest Content-Sharing Site Hacked

On Friday, the Pinterest site was hacked.  Our local news ran a story on this and you can read about it here.  I would strongly advise everyone to change their Pinterest passwords immediately to something very strong.

With this being said, there is a way that you can SAVE a copy of your Pin Boards as a PDF for a backup.  Here’s what you do:

Go into each one of your boards one at a time

Press Control P (which will bring up the printing box)

Instead of using the print option, look for “print to PDF” or “save as PDF”

Save them where you would like and choose a file name
(I created a master PINTEREST file & when I saved each Board, I named it exactly what the boards name is)

Repeat this for all of your Boards

Hint:  Make sure all of your Pins are done “fetching” or your PDF will not be complete with all your pins

Hint: Do this often and save your Boards on a weekly or monthly basis and when you do, you can overwrite the pin board you have already saved on your computer.

What’s nice about this, is that you now have all of your Boards saved, all of the photographs with descriptions below each photo is showing and the photo’s are clickable links too in your PDF.

Just wanted to pass along some valuable information in case any of your Boards or Pinterest accounts were hacked.  Take some time today and backup your Boards as a PDF and save them to your computer, because I know that if I woke up one day and found no Boards on my Pinterest account, I would be upset.

And, if you wanted to check out my Pinterest Boards, click here.


17 thoughts on “Pinterest Content-Sharing Site Hacked

  1. I’m like the only person on the face of the planet not on Pinterest.
    Because I live under a rock. I guess if I ever figure it all out I’ll have to pin lots of geological images to my board(?)!

    • Sign up on Pinterest today! You can create a Pin Board for all of your photographs as they have a category for them! I can help you out if you need me! Make that one of your “things to do”!

  2. We’ve not heard anything about it, so thanks for the info. I’ve read a number of sites about it and apparently it mostly concerned anyone who may have emailed pinterest or tumbler for technical support in the past. The 3rd party company handling the inquiries incurred the hack. It’s always wise to have a super safe password for sure. Good info Val!

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