Happy VALentine’s Day!

It only comes once a year, a day that I can call my own…since it has my name in it!  LOL  I have taken over this holiday many years ago and have called it my own which makes today only more special to me.  VALentine’s Day is the day of love, and I truly have special people to share this day with, from my Sweets to our furry children, and all of my wonderful blog friends (you know who you are) all of which bring so much joy to my heart.

Love can be found all around even when you are not looking for it.  It can be the quick glance around a room only to find your dogs snuggling together on the couch.

Bella and Nikita True Love

To the snow doggie you made in your front yard for VALentine’s Day.

Snow Dog

To the way the dogs sit by the back door every morning to watch Daddy leave for work as they wave goodbye.


To the love both Nikita and Bella have for each other, where one goes, the other is not too far behind.  Ah, true love.


To even how they patiently wait for me to sew their torn toys and put the stuffing back in.

Bella and String

Nikita and Thread Spool

And the smile that is planted on your face when you see such a cute photo like this of Nikita who is always watching out the window to make sure the neighborhood is safe.  Love those fluffy ears.  Ah, true love.


Love.  It’s a wonderful thing.  Never to be taken for granted, but is the most cherished feeling in the world.  Happy VALentine’s Day to you, and yes, I will even share my holiday with all of you because you are all so special to me.  Hugs & Smoochies to my Sweets, Nikita & Bella!


16 thoughts on “Happy VALentine’s Day!

    • Aw, I hope no one has called you a dog, because you’re not! LOL Bella is such a beautiful name! Our dogs are very special to us! A house would not be a home without the little pitter patter of their claws on the wood floors.

  1. Awwww, a special day for a special girl. I’m so far behind tonight, but Happy VALentine’s Day my dear. I loved all you doggy photo’s, especially the ones where they are saying goodbye to daddy. So darn cute. I also thought your ‘snow dog’ was very original LOL, you’re neighbours must really get a kick out of you. Sweet dreams, xoK

    • Happy VALentine’s Day to you & the hubster too! It is very endearing to watch how the dogs run and sit by the door to watch Daddy leave for work every morning. When Daddy is backing out of the driveway, he always stops by the back door to wave goodbye to us, and once he passes the door, the dogs run frantically to the front window to see him off. It is so darn cute how they push each other out of the way to see who gets to the front window first. It’s a hoot to watch every morning! Yep, the snow doggie got lots of looks and I even made him a felt heart to wear too! Our neighbors are used to all the fun stuff we do, but probably wonder “what” will we do next. LOL

      • Awwww, lucky you to have such joyful antics first thing in the morning. Pets give us so much love, they don’t even have to try, I’m sure daddy is smiling all the way to work.
        Have another wonderful day in Val-town. 😉

  2. Valerie, I never put that together that YOUR name is in this holiday! Yes, friend it is just for YOU! The love between your two furry friends is so wonderful. I wish we would of done the same thing for Sir Dalton years ago. Happy Love Day to YOU♥

    • LOL, I have done that for years….claimed V-Day for me! I am weird like that, but I like it! It is adorable when the dogs snuggle together as they have become best of friends. Where one goes, the other follows. It’s so cute. Have a wonderful day filled with love and happiness – YOU deserve it! Hugs!

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