Melted Pony Bead Hearts


I just can’t seem to leave these pony beads alone lately!  Since I have had great luck with making my sun catchers and future wind chimes from melting pony beads, I had a thought today and wanted to see if I could melt the beads in a cake pan – – – inside a heart cookie cutter.  I know, if this experiment failed, then I would have to throw out my two heart shaped cookie cutters, but I was feeling lucky and tried it anyways.


I placed two different sized metal heart shaped cookie cutters inside an old cake pan, then filled both hearts with different colored pony beads.  I made sure that I filled up the hearts with enough beads to fill the cookie cutter from edge to edge.  Then, being a little nervous at trying this, I placed them in the oven at 425 degrees, and watched them closely.  When the beads were completely melted and the tops were completely flat, it was time to remove them.


I set them out to cool completely.  Now, came the time to see if I could actually remove them from the cookie cutters.  Man, I was nervous, but all worked out in my favor and they popped right out!  Yeah!  I will now get the drill out and drill a small hole near the top of each heart and hang them in our window for Valentine’s Day.  Now, I wish I had a huge heart shaped cake pan to make a large heart sun catcher!  A girl can dream, eh?


So what do you think of these heart shaped melted pony beads?  Are you going to try to make some for yourself?  If you do, I want to see them!


15 thoughts on “Melted Pony Bead Hearts

    • You used metal cookie cutters, right? All I did was lay my metal cookie cutters on a cookie sheet, fill them with the pony beads, and melted them in the oven. They came out with no problems! I did not even have to spray the cookie cutters either.

      • I have used some small cookie cutters too, like the small heart I made in this post. I also made a really tiny heart, and used all red pony beads and made a necklace with that heart. (I love hearts) I am shocked that yours got stuck in the cutter when mine did not! Hmmmm. Did you leave them in the oven too long?

      • I probably did because the red beads that I used was harder plastic than pony bead plastic….😰😰😰😰 So cooking too long can make them stick?

    • This craft project is so fun to do! I was amazed on how easy it is to drill in the melted plastic too! Many options for this: Make a small heart and attach to a necklace, sun catchers, wind chimes, coasters, etc. The possibilities are endless. Glad you liked it! 🙂

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