Don’t Forget to Clean This When Spring Cleaning

It is definitely that time of year when we all start our Spring cleaning rituals, and today I ran across one item that you should not miss when cleaning.  Add this to your list of things to do today!  CLEAN YOUR REFRIGERATOR COOLING COILS!


If you find your refrigerator is not cooling the way it should be, the first thing you should do is to check your cooling dial inside the fridge to see if you accidentally bumped it, if so, place it back in the correct position.  If the dial is in the proper cooling position, then you need to check the cooling coils under the fridge.  Remove the front cover from the bottom of your refrigerator to check if dust and pet hair has accumulated under there.  I was surprised when I took off the front cover on our fridge and found it full of dog hair, so I had to clean this immediately.  I got the vacuum out and cleaned all the mess of dog hair and dust that had accumulated on the cooling coils.  If you have one of those long brushes for cleaning, you could use it to clean off the coils too.


What a different it made and now this will be something that I will check more often with our two dogs in the house!  Have you checked under your fridge lately?  If not, you should!


5 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Clean This When Spring Cleaning

  1. Good going Val, I won’t sleep tonight thinking about all the Cat hair that must certainly be under there…LOL. You’re smart to check. Now I know how well you clean house too, so geez I’m scared of what I’ll find here.

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