When Nine Inches Is Too Much

February just started, but the dreariness of winter has taken over.  The case of stir craziness of being cooped up in the house has already happened.  Being able to head outside without being all bundled up from head to toe seems like a dream right now – – oh, I miss those flip flop days.  And I found out over the weekend that nine inches is too much.  Too much snow, that is.

Snowy February

It was beautiful to watch it snow the entire day on Saturday, as it covered basically everything with that light airy fluffy snow, but within an hour or so, three or more inches fell, and it kept falling the entire day to approximately nine inches in our area.  We are thankful that it was not a heavy snow because keeping up with clearing the driveway was a chore already.  I did though, by accident, find out that I could use our leaf blower to blow some of the snow off the driveway since it was fluffy, so that helped a lot with the snow removal, but I could not use it on the entire drive as I ran out of extension cord.  Rats.

Garage Lights

Snowy Backyard

So, what do you do when you are stuck in the house watching it snow?  You play with the dogs!  They enjoyed all the new fallen snow as they ran like Tasmanian Devils through the snow piles and came back in the house with their fur all matted and wet. Pure joy is what it was to them, but nap time quickly followed but not before Nikita beat up a butter tub really good.

Nikita and a butter tub

While the dogs napped, I took it upon myself to tackle yet another paper mache pumpkin.  This time, I am attempting to make an enormous one that hopefully we will be able to use as a prop for Halloween.  I took a large clear garbage bag and crumpled lots and lots of newspaper and filled up the bag.


Once I had what I thought was enough newspaper in the bag, I closed up the bag with some air still in the bag to help keep the pumpkin form.  After tying the top off on the bag, the next step to making a pumpkin is to pull a string around the form to make “indents” just like a regular pumpkin has.  Once you have enough indents, just tie off the string and you’re ready to start the paper mache process!


Just mix up some flour and water to make a pancake batter consistency and dip your newspaper strips into the batter.  Run your fingers over each piece of newspaper to remove excess batter and place on your form.  Starting at the top of your form, place strip after strip in different directions on the form until you get a layer across the top of your form, then work down the sides.  You will need to let the top half dry first before finishing the bottom half.




Once you get one layer done on your pumpkin, you will need to go over it again with a few more layers, drying each layer in between, until your pumpkin is nice and hard.  Just waiting for pumpkin to dry.  Making paper mache pumpkins takes quite some time from start to finish, and that is the reason I am making these this early in the year so I can have them ready for Halloween.  By the time the witching hour arrives, I should have quite a stock pile of them ready!

We had a nice weekend even dealing with all the snow we got, had lots of fun with the dogs, and even got some crafts done.  But, we have the best dogs in the world that bring us so much joy and happiness, even watching them play with a butter tub makes you chuckle.  Silly dogs.

Nikita and Bella

20 thoughts on “When Nine Inches Is Too Much

    • I know, but we love Halloween! Making these pumpkins takes a lot of time, so that is the reason I am starting early on this project. I can’t wait to have the whole front porch filled with them all lit up! I am a crafter at heart, and love it when my crafty mojo kicks in! 🙂

  1. We did all the purging before we moved from the country. We didn’t bring a lot of our stuff here because our landlord (a friend) left a lot of his stuff here. So I’m totally missing my own stuff. What do you sell on Ebay? We get billed too much duty and tax on stuff so I’ve not done to much Ebaying. I did get some old Viewmaster reels Mr B as a gift though, they came in a regular envelope so it was good.

  2. Loving the homemade pumpkin.p.s–I am doing a ancient dog event where you can enter your dog and if he gets picked by random.org he gets a whole post dedicated to him on my blog. Look at my post for more info. You should enter Nikita

  3. Beautiful photos!!! I agree, though – snow is the kind of thing that’s nice to have around for a brief photo-op, but then it starts to seem a bit COLD – very quickly!
    The pumpkin looks great, too! I usually have an ‘incident’ when I try working with paper mache… all the stuff that should get glued doesn’t and everything that shouldn’t does (not quite sure how I manage that)!

    • Yep, here in Cleveland, OH I am past the point of being sick of seeing snow already. We’re supposed to get another 2-4″ yet today. Grrrr! Anyhow, if you ever venture into the paper mache again, just mix all purpose flour and cold water together to make a “pancake like” batter and your projects will turn out just fine. After I get a layer on, I put the pumpkin in front of a little heater to dry it quickly.

  4. Look at your little stars sitting so perfectly for the camera 😀 I bet they were tired after. We went for a 11 km walk today since it was really warm. The snow is all melting and it was like walking on a soft beach the whole time. I think I’m going to be stiff in the morning LOL. That’s one giant pumpkin you have in the works. Where will you store them all?

    • Yep, the perfect angels! They love the snow so much. You will be “feeling it” when you wake up in the morning for sure, as my elbows are paying the price for all the shoveling I did. We have storage space in our basement, and since these are paper mache, they will have to be sealed in bags when completed to keep out any moisture. Heck, we have over 450 items stored down there too for our eBay store!

      • 450 !!! OMgosh Val, you must be very organized. That could be a post in itself 🙂 We have a storage locker that started out very organized but since we’ve been in the condo so long I keep going there to borrow stuff and it’s getting less organized. Moving will be interesting.

      • Back in 2009 when we met, he only had about 50 items on ebay, and we had grown it to over 500+ at one time. 450 sounds about right. We got lots of those heavy duty black storage shelving units to hold all the products. And yes, I organized them all and at any given notice, I can walk downstairs in the storage room and pull an item quickly. When you eventually move, it would be a good time to purge anything that you have not used in awhile.

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