How Are You Doing On Your 52 Week Money Challenge?

52 WEEK MONEY CHALLENGEWe are now starting week five of January, a new year, and a new start at saving some money this year.  If you have joined with us to do the 52 Week Money Challenge, let us know!  Since we are starting week five of the challenge, you should have just put away $5 into your savings jar.  If you have, then the total amount you should have in your jar so far should be $15.

Week one, you put away $1.  Week two, $2 (total $3), week three $3 (total $6), and week four $4 ($10).  This is an interesting way to save money throughout the year, and although we know it is going to be difficult as the weeks “add up”, and your contribution to your jar increases too, but the final outcome is what we are all shooting for.  When you complete the entire 52 Week Money Challenge, you will have saved a total of $1,378, now that is something that will definitely make you smile at the end of the year, right?

If you have not started this challenge yet, you can always play catch up and just grab a jar, any jar, (I used an empty salsa jar) and put $15 in your jar as of today.  Now you are caught up, until next week when you will have to add $6 to the jar to make a total of $21 in your jar.  Get it?

Sometimes, saving money these days is really hard, but this challenge got me excited enough to give it a try.  Even if I have to give up purchasing something during the week that I “don’t need” (and we all know that we make those impulse purchases), then I will have the money to place in the jar.  I am shooting for a BIG goal here, and I want to reach that goal, so some discipline is needed for this challenge.

Let us know if you have joined this 52 Week Money Challenge with us, and show us what “jar” or “container” you are using for your stash!  Good luck, and just think of what you can purchase at the end of the year with all that moola!


8 thoughts on “How Are You Doing On Your 52 Week Money Challenge?

    • It is a very good idea! I mean, how many times do you say to yourself, “I’ve gotta start saving or putting some money away?” If you don’t start somewhere, then you won’t have anything saved. I know it is going to be difficult, but I am going to do my best, at least we are off to a good start so far!

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