Winter Wonderland

BLIZZARD 12-26-12

This is the snow cleared from our driveway today! 

We had the most wonderful Christmas with our family.  The dinner smorgasbord that Grandma had prepared for us was so wonderful and if anyone left the table hungry, that was their own fault!  Grandma made us her homemade stuffed cabbage for Christmas and we always fill our plates real high with them because they are so delicious.  The wonderful gifts that each of us received were truly practical and things that we all needed.  Gifts from the heart are so appreciated as they mean the world to us.  (Thank you Grandma for the wonderful meal!)  And, a great BIG thank you to Daddy for making our Christmas very special for all of us!  You mean the world to us!


Nikita & Bella helped Daddy open his gift!

Bella Enjoying Her 1st Christmas

Bella Enjoying Her 1st Christmas

Can't Wait to See What This Is!

Can’t Wait to See What This Is!

Nikita & Bella Helping Daddy

Nikita & Bella Helping Daddy

Nikita Playing with the Paper Rolls

Nikita Playing with the Paper Rolls

Nikita's New Piggy!

Nikita’s New Piggy!

Daddy Got an Awesome Alarm Clock

Daddy Got an Awesome Alarm Clock

We were so lucky that the weather held out for our travels on Christmas, because today we got hit with a Blizzard!  It has been snowing here since 9:15am and has not stopped.  The snow blower got a real workout today for sure, and so did Daddy, as we both cleared the driveway a few times during the day.  You can hear the murmur of snow blowers all around the neighborhood as everyone was digging out.  Approximately 8+ inches of snow has fallen here so far and we can’t wait to see what we will find tomorrow morning when we wake.  As for Nikita and Bella, they absolutely LOVE the snow and can’t get enough of running through it, eating it, digging in the snow piles, and running in circles all around the yard.  We just keep telling them to not eat the yellow snow!

Snowy Sidewalk

Snowy Sidewalk

Snowy Morning

Snowy Morning

Our Garden Covered with Snow

Our Garden Covered with Snow



17 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Oh, so you have puppies who love to open gifts too!! Our yorkie wanted to unwrap every bodies gifts this year!! They are so precious to have in the family aren’t they? Hopefully, my new pink camera will capture a couple of pics of our little family member.

    • Yep, the dogs love the wrapping paper and the boxes that the gifts came in. So why do we spend soooo much money on dog toys when we could just give them empty boxes to play with? Both Nikita and Bella are good doggies – Nikita is an angel, and Bella has a long way to go to become one as she is still a little puppy, but she is getting better! LOL

      • That is wonderful that you have an angel!! Our angel is in heaven. She died of breast cancer several years ago.This little monster we have now…NOT an angel. I think it is the difference of male and female terriers! Loving your blog.

  2. That’s A LOT of snow (kind of makes my back hurt just thinking about moving it all around)! Beautiful scenery, though! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas… it sure looks and sounds like that was the case!

    • Yep, that was a lot of snow for sure! We had to keep heading outside to clear the driveway to keep up with the snowfall. Aw, thanks, I love those photo’s with the dogs too! They had a blast at Christmas and it was Bella’s first Christmas, so she did not know what to expect. She just wanted to chew all the paper and boxes! (she’ll be six months old at the end of the month)

  3. OMG, What a giant pile of snow…almost rivals that giant pile of presents LOL. We’ve been watching the news up here and the weather sounds banana’s all over. Glad to hear your Christmas was so awesome. Loved seeing your whole crew in your photo’s. How come you look so fantastic in the morning? HA, I didn’t even get out of my Jammies till noon. PS. Who lives in that huge castle….holy moley. PSS…check your email!!! 😀

    • LOL, that huge castle you are referring to is an office building on our street. The ladies from the doctors office (the bottom left windows) absolutely love Nikita and Bella. Yep, that is a HUGE pile of snow for sure! I just got up and took Bella out and we got more snow overnight. We’ve got an awesome “crew” over here and the “girls” were having so much fun ripping up the paper and playing with the boxes! Heck, we could have just given them boxes for Christmas instead of actual toys! LOL Speaking of Jammies….I got some of the cutest Jammies for Christmas too! I love those really thick fleece sleepy pants with the cool designs, and the one pair that I got has reindeer on them! So adorable!

      • Hey, that’s handy to have a Dr across the street. More snow, yesh! It’s really coming down. I guess you’re working off any Christmas treats you may have munched on, LOL It all sounds fabulous. I got PJ’s too, mine have Penguin’s. Stay Warm!!

      • Oooh, the Christmas treats! Don’t get me started on how many I ate! It is shocking on how much sweets you can consume during the holidays….yikes!

      • I know right? I have yet to bake since I don’t want to be tempted by any of it. I’m going to make a friend a batch, like the day before we see them…I’m terrible.

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