Santa’s Reindeer Are in our Neighborhood!


We heard that Santa and a few of his reindeer would be visiting our neighborhood, so we just had to check it out today.  Santa brought two of his reindeer to a neighborhood plaza by us and we got to see them close up.  We did not get the chance to pet them, but we got close enough to get some great photographs!  Seeing a reindeer this close was pretty cool this close to Christmas time, so they better rest up to pull the sleigh!  Santa was inside posing for pictures with the kids, and I poked my head inside the door to snag a quick photo of him.  He smiled when he looked my way.  Here are some of the photographs that I snapped while standing outside in the 40 degree temps.  It was well worth it. 






8 thoughts on “Santa’s Reindeer Are in our Neighborhood!

    • LOL, no but we were looking for Rudolph! I overheard someone say that if reindeer can fly, then why didn’t they fly out of the area they were in. LOL I just love how those pics I took of the reindeer came out – very clear! They are beautiful animals for sure!

  1. Awwwwwww, so beautiful (you and the reindeer). I just love the big brown eyes. Santa’s looking pretty good for an old guy. I guess his sleigh will be pretty heavy, Mr B is helping lighten the load, he went shopping today…..giggle.

    • Mr. B is helping Santa out, hope he picked up some great things for you! Have you been GOOD though? We heard about the reindeer coming to our neighborhood, but never went up there, glad we did yesterday! The reindeer were so beautiful! Roy took that great photograph of me and it shows off my new shorter length hair too! (got about 3-4 inches cut off) And Santa, man, he was truly authentic looking too! That photo that I snagged of him was in between the kids jumping on his lap. 🙂

      • Good? Let me ask Petals….nope, no complaints. LOL Hehe, I’ve been good ‘most of the time’. I do hope Santa doesn’t hear me in the car during traffic mess ups…Alberta drivers are so aggressive, it’s an exercise in patience. Other than that, I’d say “I’m good to go”, on the nice list that is…giggle. I was trying to get in at a hairdresser b4 the holidays but after a few calls I just cut it myself, only the very ends….you’re brave to cut 4 inches….looks cute!

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