How To Make Colored Staples


Using a stapler is an every day occurrence, but stapling does not have to be boring.  Drag out all of your bright colored Sharpie Markers (bright pink ones work the best) and add some color to your staples.


Pull out a sleeve of staples, and run your bright colored Sharpie Marker over the top of the staples.  It works best if you hold the Sharpie Marker on its side to do this.  Start at one end, and do one coat all the way to the other end.  If you think it needs another coat of color, wait a minute or so until the first coat dries, then reapply another coat by rubbing the Sharpie over the staples again.  (If you don’t wait long enough for the first coat of color to dry, you will notice that trying to apply the second coat will actually wipe off some of the first coat)


Once the color has dried, just insert your new colored sleeve of staples into your staples and have fun stapling!  Never knew that by adding color to staples can brighten up your office tasks!  (Idea:  You might even be able to use nail polish in bright colors on top of your staple sleeves too, but I have not tried this yet, but I will!)



Ordinary staple.  Added color.  Wow factor, complete.

3 thoughts on “How To Make Colored Staples

  1. Awesome Blossum….I’ve seen girls use their Staz On inks too. They’ll do metals, Glass, Paper, Vellum. Sharpies are probably less $$ if you have a color you like already. Good idea Val.

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