When Spending $1 Organized My Daily Life


We all look for ways to make life itself easier, and I needed to find something, anything, to organize all of winter accessories when I head outside with the dogs.  I got a brain storm idea when I was at the Dollar Store and purchased a plastic basket with handles for $1.  That $1 I spent organized all of my winter accessories, keep them all in one place, makes them easier to find, and they are not piling up on the kitchen counter any longer. 

Last year, I made a wood initial “N” for Nikita, painted it black, and attached with glue heavy duty magnets to back of it, then added two beautiful stainless hooks to the bottom of the “N” to use on our back door to hang her dog leashes.  Since we have a metal back door, the magnets worked like a charm and organized the leashes laying all over the place.  Now, I just hung my new $1 basket to one of the hooks and it keeps all of my winter accessories in one place!  (hats & gloves)

Organization, complete.  Dollar well spent.


6 thoughts on “When Spending $1 Organized My Daily Life

    • I know what you mean! I had a nice pile of gloves & hats, leashes too all over the place and I decided to do something about it. This basket idea really helped out a lot and it solved lots of piles of stuff & organized it! Happy Holidays!

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