Sock Bunny Tutorial


A Sock Bunny Tutorial just in time to make these for Christmas or hang them out of the top of your Christmas stockings!  I never knew that making a Sock Bunny could be this easy, but it is, not to mention a lot of fun!  While I was making this Sock Bunny, both Nikita and Bella hung by my side because they thought it was for them, but this one is for Me!  (I will have to make each of them one too, since they will probably not leave mine alone!)

Anyhow, let’s begin with the tutorial!  If you are making these for a child under the age of 3, just stitch the eyes on instead of using buttons so there won’t be a choking hazard.  First, you need to purchase knee high socks, which you can pick up rather inexpensively.  (the ones I used were from KMart and they were $3, now today, I see that they are marked down to $1.50)  Pick out a pair that has vibrant colors or choose a design like I did that has a nice holiday flare!

STEP ONE:  Lay the first sock flat on a table with the heel on top, then cut the foot of this sock right down the middle and stop about an inch from the heel (as the heel will be the face).

Sock Bunny1

Sock Bunny2

STEP TWO:  Cut the other side of this sock down the middle as shown, as these will be the legs of the bunny.

Sock Bunny3

Sock Bunny4

STEP THREE:  Cut the foot off the second sock.  This will turn into the bunny’s arms.

Sock Bunny5

STEP FOUR:  Cut the foot of the second sock down the middle.

Sock Bunny6

STEP FIVE:  Back to the first sock, turn your sock inside out and hand stitch or use a sewing machine to sew the ears shut.

Sock Bunny7

STEP SIX:  Sew the bottom of the feet and insides of the bunny legs as shown, leaving a large 2 inch hole to insert stuffing into.  Fill the body, ears, and legs of the bunny with stuffing.  Now you can sew the bottom of the body together once you have all the stuffing inside.  (Since I did not have any regular filling, I used a snow blanket and cut it into strips for my stuffing)

Sock Bunny8

Sock Bunny9

Sock Bunny10

Sock Bunny13

Sock Bunny11

STEP SEVEN:  Back to the second sock (the arms).  Turn these inside out and sew each arm shut, but leave the ends open.  Stuff each arm, then sew arm together at end.

Sock Bunny12

STEP EIGHT:  Hand stitch the arms onto the sides of the body of the bunny.

Sock Bunny15

STEP NINE:  Stitch on buttons for eyes, and you can use embroidery thread to stitch on a nose.  (I have not added my eyes yet because I am still deciding on what I want)

The sewing on this project is minimal thanks to the knee high socks, but you can make a bunch of these in a weekend if you have lots of Christmas stockings to fill as they are easy to make!  Have fun and let me know if you make any, because I would love to see what you created!

8 thoughts on “Sock Bunny Tutorial

  1. I love these guys!! I am not a craft person as I usually bugger(am I allowed to say that word here) up the craft I’m doing and it really looks like a five year old accomplished their first effort. This I will try..I don’t have to show it to anybody.

    Jean..Shoko’s mom on Canadian Cats

    • This one is not too hard to accomplish. Just follow my directions and you should do just fine. I have made quite a few of them already and everyone who has received one from me as a gift, loved them! Good luck!

  2. Who knew it was that easy, that’s a really good tutorial you’ve made Valerie. They’re kind of like the primitive folk art you see people collecting. Will you make more?

    • Oh yes, I am going to make more of these adorable bunnies! Would be awesome to have all kinds of “sock” bunnies for every holiday! And you know how bunnies multiply! 🙂

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