The Fierce Frankenstorm

I’ve been up since 2:11am, puppy woke me up, had to head outside with her, not something that I am looking forward to.  (but when do you look forward to being woken up at any given time during the night and have to climb out of your nice warm cozy bed?)  Bella eagerly greeted me to let her out of her cage (who can possibly have “this” much energy at 2:00am?) as she bolted towards the back door, I put on her collar & leash then proceeded to adorn myself with all of my rain gear to trek outside into the rain and high winds.  The back screen door almost flew out of my hands as we stepped outside, and my first thought was “this sucks” as we headed to the backyard so she could find her “spot” to take a leak.  (I would have been happy if she just peed right there on the driveway, but you know dogs, they have to find their favorite spot to take a leak or things ain’t right.)  Our neighbors garage light was on so I could slightly see the backyard through all the rain that was pummeling me at the moment (did I mention this sucks?) .  One step out the back door and my jeans were already soaked.  While she found her spot in the rain, I watched her try to shake all of the water off her back, silly dog I thought, as you are drenched just like me.  As I stood there waiting to see if she still had more business to attend to, I noticed that our back fence was leaning into the woods as the winds must have taken their toll on it while we slept.  The poles that we erected around our garden to keep the deer out are also leaning severely  and some have already heaved themselves up out of the grass as the ground is so saturated with water that they have no chance to even stay up straight.  All I keep thinking as I am standing there, soaked and wishing I could just poof myself back into my warm bed at that moment, was that I have a lot of things to fix when this storm is over.  We head back inside to find the pile of “dog towels” waiting for us by the back door, and we get Bella dried off.

I went back outside to check out our front yard to see if we had any Halloween props left still standing, and found that we lost a lot of heads.  Our neighbors will probably find a head in their yard somewhere down the road tomorrow for sure.  The wood coffin that I made from pallets had fallen off the stand by the three skeletons, so I had to cut it loose and placed the water drenched coffin on our front sidewalk to deal with tomorrow.  I had already earlier yesterday, taken down almost all of our props in the yard because the winds got so severe that I figured that if I did not go out and try to save them now, that we would not have anything left in the yard by morning.  (glad I did)

I am just amazed by the strength of this Frankenstorm and the destruction that we are going through, and I can only imagine those in the Eastern states dealing with this head on.  I feel for them and wish them well, but I can only report on what is happening right here in our city, as this is by far, the worse storm that I can ever remember.  The rain has not stopped for days now, and the winds are so severe that you can hardly walk outside, and I can only imagine what I will see when daylight arrives.  I feel for those people who have lost power and hope that ours stays on, because you panic after a few hours with no power, you feel helpless.  You take flicking that light switch for granted, or seeing that light go on when you open the fridge, but when you lose power, none of that matters.  You know that light switch will not work, nor should you never ever open your fridge when the power goes out, not even once.  We even bought a huge bag of ice yesterday and packed it in the freezer, just in case our power did go out, so we could keep our frozen things safe.

As I sit here listening to the rain hitting the windows and watching our bushes thrash back and forth, I am only glad that this rain is not snow, man would that be bad.


7 thoughts on “The Fierce Frankenstorm

  1. Hey Guys!, I guess that I should have waited to read this Blog before I responded to yesterday’s Blog! Then, I would have had answers to my questions that I had asked! WE ARE SO SORRY to hear about all the damages that you have had from this storm!! YOU WORK SO HARD to make your front yard look so FANTASTIC for Halloween, AND LOOK SO FORWARD to Halloween every year!! We hope that you find all of your props that blew away!! And, hope that damaged ones can be easily repaired!! DARN storm!!! About the refrigerator situation, something that the Red Cross stated on our news cast made me do something with our refrigerator. They said to put the refrigerator/freezer on the coldest settings and try NOT to open either side unless you absolutely have to!! (It takes our refrigerator at least 24 hours to reach its new temperature!) I know how you feel about decorating outside or putting things outside to make your yard look nice only to have to take things back inside for fear of losing them or losing them to damage because of the weather or people. Right now, our garage looks like an unorganized warehouse! We will get through this! “After all, tomorrow is another day!”
    After Michael came home from work, he told us that our area looks like a ghost town! Power is out all over the area! Everything is DARK, stores, houses, restaurants! Traffic lights are out everywhere he needed to go! He said that it is like Halloween, EERIE!!

    • That’s ok Karen, we’ll let you slide on that one! LOL Our town has fallen trees all over (at least that is what Roy said on his trip home tonight), but we’re glad that we still have power and did not lose power last night. We were planning for the worse and did exactly what you did by turning your fridge and freezer to a colder setting and we also bought a huge bag of ice to keep the frozen food cold, if the power did go out. We got all of our flash lights and candles out and were prepared. We are also glad that our basement did not flood too, now that would have sucked! Our garage has tombstones & ghouls all over the floor too! I will have to get my jigsaw out and cut off the bottom of most of them as they broke in the high winds yesterday. Tell Mike we said hi!

    • Finally, our high winds are dying down and I had the chance to head outside to see what damage we had. The winds took out our back fence and it also bent over our fence we constructed around our garden, as the ground is saturated with water so the poles easily bent with the wind. We’re glad that this is all the damage we encountered, as some people were not as lucky. Thanks for your well wishes! 🙂

      • It’s really been a storm to remember hasn’t it. Apparently ‘Sandy’ stretched all the way to Toronto. Knocking out power, sparking fires from downed hydro lines and taking out huge old trees. You’ll have great stories to chit chat with neighbours when you’re all out kicking back a bear next summer

    • Thanks! The funny thing (if there is one) is that we are not even in the storms path. We are just getting the effect from the hurricane, and for us here, it is still horrible. I can’t wait to post photo’s today when it gets lighter outside. I’ve been watching it too on the news and online and millions are out of power too!

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