High Winds are Taking Out our Halloween Props – One by One

It has been raining here in Cleveland, OH for days non-stop.  My coat does not even get the chance to dry before I have to take the dogs out (again), but I am glad that I got a new pair of hot pink rain boots a few weeks ago as I am putting them to good use!

As I am sitting here at the kitchen table today, I am watching our Halloween props get taken down by the strong winds, one by one.  I heard a loud “thump” earlier today, and I thought to myself “now what was that“, so I looked outside, and our ghoul is now laying flat on his back in the yard.  He had enough of fighting the wind and gave up, and he is just laying there with his hands up in the air.  I am only surprised that he is not holding a white flag of surrender!

Our wood tombstones are even swaying back and forth even with the 7″ spikes that we have in the ground to hold them secure, as the ground is so saturated with water and the holes in the ground are huge.

A neighbor of ours just emailed us a notice from our city that Halloween on Wednesday night has been postponed due to the weather conditions of Hurricane Sandy, and will take place on Sunday instead.  We figured as much that this would happen, so we are not so surprised at the news.  Hopefully by Sunday the rain will have ceased a bit and give the trick-or-treaters a chance to gather some candy from the neighbors.

I will keep a lookout on the graveyard to see what else takes a dive as the day progresses.

6 thoughts on “High Winds are Taking Out our Halloween Props – One by One

  1. Looks like even your ghoul had enough of the rain and wind(LOL)! How are your skeletons and coffin taking it? Glad to hear that your Halloween has been rescheduled to Sunday! I thought that it might be! Our Halloween parade has been rescheduled to Sunday also! The school district (as well as ALL the others in our area) where Christopher is temporarily substitute teaching did not have school Monday and Tuesday. (He is hoping for another day off on Wednesday!) Michael came home from work early yesterday because many roads were going to be closed at 4PM. He went into work later this morning because of road conditions and power outages. I think our neighborhood is about one of the VERY few who have power!! Lights flickered on and off (and OFF for a few seconds twice) all night long at our house!! The MAIN THING is that Michael, Christopher, Harmony, and I are OKAY!! One rain spout on one side of our house separated from the gutter at the roof of our house, and some other minor damages like things blown over or small tree branches from our neighbor’s tree blew between their garage and our house but nothing major that we can see right now!! THANK GOODNESS!! Sustained winds were about 30-40 mph with wind gusts of 50-60 mph with a peak wind gust of 81 mph!! Like I wrote above, a lot of power is still out in our area, from down power lines because of the wind and down trees. So, a lot of businesses are closed. There was some flooding in some areas. It will probably be a few days before everything is backed to normal. We are VERY THANKFUL!! It could have been worse!! We feel for ALL of the other areas(like the coastline)!!! It is going to be a LONG time before everything is backed to normal for them!! Hope ALL is OKAY with you!!!! Love, Karen XO
    P.S. Christopher just got his wish! Michael just put the local news channel on our TV, and the schools in our area are closed again tomorrow!!

    • Hey everyone! We were thinking of you guys last night when we were dealing with our own high wind drama over here and we are soooo glad to hear that everyone is OK on your end. The high winds took out our back fence and snapped off a few of the posts, and the metal stakes that we used to fence in the garden are all falling down because the ground is so saturated with water. So with the high winds, that garden fence will need to be reconstructed again. We hardly slept at all last night, because the winds kept us awake, not to mention that we were worried about the storm outside. We had to remove almost EVERY Halloween prop in our front yard (which took us days to put up) and they are all now laying in the garage drying off. The only props left in the front yard “standing” are the three skeletons. I had to go out last night and take down our handmade wood coffin as it fell off the bracing we used, so it is now laying on the front sidewalk. Since our Halloween has been rescheduled to Sunday, we will have to reconstruct the entire front yard with all of our props. What a mess this whole storm has been. I am just glad that you all are OK, phew! Tell everyone that we said hello and give them all a great big hug from us! We love you guys! Hugs & kisses, Roy, Val, Nikita & Bella

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