Paper Mache: What is Your Recipe?

The days are counting down to the witching hour, and I need your help!  I am attempting to make a huge paper mache pumpkin and I have seen tons of recipes for paper mache on the web, but I want to know what YOU have used and how it turned out.

Please share with me your recipe for Paper Mache, as I need to finish my project before it is too late!  Thanks much!
P.S. – Once I get a great paper mache recipe, I will post something on all the steps that I did to make my pumpkin with lots of photographs to go along with it. 

10 thoughts on “Paper Mache: What is Your Recipe?

    • I just checked out your picture, and WOW, that pumpkin is huge! Mine is a little smaller and I am going to cut out a face on it then light up the head. I did the top half of the pumpkin yesterday with the flour and water mix and it dried pretty hard, so I’m working on the bottom half today. It’s been a long time since I did anything with paper mache, so I am having a lot of fun… but what a mess it makes!

      • Good Stuff, ya it’s messy for sure…the one we did used 3 spray cans of orange paint to cover the news print. It actually was still tacky at the party hehe. Have fun

  1. flour water and torn newspaper. wrap it around a large round balloon and let dry. then paint it orange with tempura pain dry and decorate.

    • Hey Auntie Rene! I did just that today! I mixed up some flour and water and cut up a bunch of newspaper strips and started laying them all over the pumpkin I made that was a plastic bag stuffed with lots of plastic bags & newspaper for the “form”. Now, I am waiting for the top half of the pumpkin to dry overnight so I can finish the bottom part tomorrow. Then, if all goes well, I will cut out eyes and a mouth and then we will use this in our graveyard! You should come over our house for a visit, we would love to have you over!!!!

  2. I don’t have a recipe — totally unhelpful I know — but this reminded me of the time we made paper mache dinosaurs in 3rd grade. I loved the smell of the paste we dipped our newpaper strips in. Funny the things you remember from childhood!

  3. There are 2 ways, i) stirring three parts water into one part flour until a smooth and creamy mixture results. Use old newspapers torn into strips and paste the paper with the mixture
    ii) use wallpaper paste with the old newspaper instead of the flour and water mixture
    hope this helps
    cheers Kathy.

    • Hey Kathy! Thanks so much for the information! I will try it. I am in dire need to get this project done, and unfortunately, don’t we always seem to have those great ideas, but at the last minute? LOL

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