A Different Way to Use Nail Polish for Halloween

We are in full swing cramming in every moment to prepare for the arrival of Halloween, and we have been super busy finishing more wood tombstones.  Just this morning, I had an awesome idea on what to use for “paint”, instead of paint, to do finish the stenciling on a tombstone – – Nail Polish!    You can purchase nail polish for a really cheap price, and for stenciling, you don’t really need all that much paint, so by using bright colored nail polish, you can pull off some great tombstones, not to mention, some incredible colors too!

I used some hot pink ice nail polish to pull off the finishing touches to this tombstone, which accentuates the kona brown color of the tombstone quite nicely and it actually turned this tombstone into quite the girly tombstone!

So, when you are trying to figure out how to stencil on your tombstone, pick up some bright nail polish colors because you don’t really need a lot of “paint” to finish the job!  Even the stencil font I used was called “Girls are Weird”.

What do you think?


8 thoughts on “A Different Way to Use Nail Polish for Halloween

    • Glad you liked it, and thought it was cheeky! I used a 3″ stencil called Girls Are Weird with a grey Sharpie Marker so it would show up on the dark kona brown tombstone, then I carefully drew over the Sharpie lines with my hot pink nail polish! I can’t stop looking at this tombstone, as it turned out awesome. The photo’s do it no justice, as when you look at it from a different angle, the pink appears to glow!

      • Speaking of “Glowy” tombstones, Krylon has a spray paint called Glow In The Dark and it works well on a light colored tombstone or white tombstone. After applying it, over the white tombstone, the Krylon glow paint actually charges up during the day in the light and glows at night! It is really cool to see your tombstone glowing! Neat graveyard effect!

      • Wow, self charging paint. Holy crackers,that would be so cool on a car….I can see the ol’ PT Cruiser buzzing round after dark….glowing or on a smaller scale, a bike. Good safety trick too.

      • Matter of fact, they did state on the spray can that you can use on a bike so people can see you! But it would be cool on your PT Cruiser too! 🙂

    • I could not let Halloween pass without making a tombstone about “Death by Chocolate” – how appropriate for Halloween! The pink and kona brown colors truly make this tombstone stunning & FUN! 🙂

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