It’s funny in a way, when I sit back and remember how Nikitaland was created just two years ago and it’s all because we needed kitty food.  We headed off to PetSmart to pick up some kitty food early so we could get home in time to watch the first Cleveland Browns game of the season.  Never in a million years would we have thought that we would be coming home with a puppy!  We have told this story probably a million times, but it is a good story to tell, and a happy one at that.

Nikita came from a litter of seven puppies, and after being born their mommy was poisoned with anti freeze and died.  The APL came to the rescue and took all the puppies who were in dire need of food and homes.  A foster Mom named Brea took in all seven of the puppies (bless her soul) and had to feed them around the clock to keep them healthy, and what a chore that was!  When the pups were old enough to be adopted, it was time for them to find their permanent homes.

That is where our story began.  We headed up to PetSmart to pick up some kitty food and we noticed that the APL had setup a pet fair in the parking lot, so we decided to head on over to see all the animals.  Oh how you just wanted to bring them all home with you as each and every one of them were adorable.  Then, we saw this little make-shift pen that had a bunch of puppies in it.  We walked over and looked inside and we could not resist picking one up.  At that moment we never imagined that we would be taking this puppy home with us, but we enjoyed the puppy kisses from her and snuggled her right back.  We set her back in the pen and Roy turned to me and asked “What do you think?”.  I said “What do you mean – – what do I think?”  Then he said, “Want to get her?”  I said “Are you serious?”  He said, “Yeah”.  So we bent back over and picked her up and it was all history after that!  The only thing at the time that made us sad (but only for a few seconds) was that another couple was looking at the same puppy we were and if we would have deliberated any longer, we might have lost out on this particular puppy.

So now we are holding our first dog and can take her home, but we had to first head into PetSmart to pick up everything we would need for a puppy, from a cage, to food, a collar and leash, and lots of toys!  As she sat in my arms all comfortable from her long day of looking adorable, she can now feel comfortable and confident that she was heading home to her new forever home.

When we first brought home Nikita, everyone came out of the woodwork and had to come visit her, then came the piles of emails of everyone asking for us to send them some photographs of her,  and finally I had the idea to just create a blog and share the link with everyone, then they could follow along our journey with our new puppy in her forever home.  That solved everything, for the moment, but what I did not realize that by starting a blog, that it would attract so much attention and almost 22,000 visitors later in two years, have met some of the most wonderful people & pets through the blog.  Our daily visitor counts sky rocketed with each new post, along with new subscribers, and most importantly new friends, as we shared our love for animals and tons of great stories.

So through the years, our love for writing has grown and a great blog was born.  I only wonder that if they had such things like blogs back when I was in school, how my writing style would have changed or grown to what it is now.  I could only imagine the things that I would have wrote about over the years, like perhaps my first new car (a Mustang GT), or lousy dates, friends, and parenting advice that I will never forget that I got from my Mom.  It would have been a real thrill to have read all of that and I am sure that most of you have gone through the same things growing up.

But now, being older, we appreciate different things, quieter things, and are just plain happy to stay at home, don’t you agree?  Nothing can compare to being in your own home, safe and sound, with your family and that includes the four-legged ones too, as they are just as big a part of the family as anyone else.  We treat them like humans some times, sometimes treat them better than our better halfs, but all in all, everything works out in the end, because we all love one another unconditionally.  Love is patient, love is kind, love is understanding, and even when people throw harsh comments at you, it rolls right off because why would anyone waste their breath to respond to people like that?  They are just probably unhappy in their own life and feel the need to criticize your life for some unknown reason, but never fear, I will laugh it off because I have a better heart.

With two years of blogging under my belt, I can say that we have experienced the best two years of being pet owners, have the nicest and most adorable dog named Nikita who is so soft that you can’t resist snuggling every time you see her, and now since we have adopted a new puppy last week named Bella, the next two years plus will have many more adventures as both Nikita and Bella become forever friends.

Nikitaland is a place where you can visit with a good cup of coffee and find some great stories, look at awesome photographs, pick up a new DIY craft idea or a recipe or two, but it will always leave you with a smile on your face, and perhaps a new friend too!

So, Happy 2 Year Anniversary Nikitaland and here’s to many more years to come and many more friends that we will meet along the way!


  1. Happy Birthday to you….and many more!!! I loved all your Barkday Pictures, especially the one with Santa. Your right, it is just nice to stay home with your loved ones, it’s the purrrrfect place to be.

    • Boy oh boy, Nikita does not like Santa at all! I wonder if it’s the red suit (but dogs can’t see red) or if it’s his beard, but she does not like Santa. We keep telling her that he brings her presents at Christmas time, but she does not care.

    • Hi Donah! Thank you so much for the wonderful & kind words! We still can’t believe that it has been two years of blogging already! And…you are one of the wonderful people we have met along our journey! Thanks for being a great friend!

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