UFO Just Buzzed Past The House

It’s Saturday night, (8:55pm) and we’re just sitting here at the kitchen table enjoying a good cup of coffee, when I looked up and saw this strange glowing red light in the sky.  I told Roy to turn around and pointed up at the sky and said “look” and he said “what in the heck is that?”  We ran out the front door and watched as it came nearer to us and darted in the sky, still glowing red.  Then it turned in the sky and quickly vanished .  We were just standing there on the front porch in amazement and looking up into the sky not believing what we just saw, and then…. a second one came from behind our house in the sky to our left and was glowing red too, like the first one, then as soon as we saw it, it disappeared just as quick as the first one.

Now, we are just sitting here at the kitchen table just starring out the window, thinking we are going to see more.  We are amazed and shocked at what we just saw.  We know that it was not an airplane because airplanes do not glow like that, nor do they turn the way these things did in the sky.  We definitely believe that we just saw two UFO’s buzz past the house.  There is no other explanation as to what we just saw.


2 thoughts on “UFO Just Buzzed Past The House

  1. Here are MORE updates on our UFO sighting:
    8-25-12 1 AM GIRARD OHIO
    Two fiery balls flown over the house tops. Neighbor saw the first one coming then we saw the second one coming shortly behind it. They both came from the south and headed to the north. Both had no sound. We lost sight of the objects as it continued north behind houses.

    My family (wife, 2 kids 10 and 7) had just bought ice cream cones and began walking home west on heather hedge dr in Chippewa lake. A nearby 12 year old boy pushing a girl in a stroller was heard saying “I dont know what that is. What is it?” I looked to see what the boy was talking about and he was looking skyward. I looked up and saw an orange fireball flying at airplane altitude. We were just 20 miles or so from CLE airport. My whole family saw this fireball hovering then moving in a erratic path. I pointed out that it had no blinking lights as a plane should. As we watched it pause then begin to move again it disappeared instantly. My wife commented that it was as if it knew we were watching it so it disappeared. The boy who alerted us to the object said he could still see it but it was not glowing. It was not visible to me or my family at the point.

    8-25-12 10 PM BEDFORD OHIO
    Hi my name is Joe and I live in Bedford Ohio. I wish I could say I saw this sighting first hand but it was my grandmother. It was approximately 10 o’clock pm on Saturday August 25TH. My grandma described it as a rectangular shaped fire in the sky that traveled slowly with no sound over from east to west then took an erratic turn more towards Lake Erie direction. I did a google search about this sighting and found two other sightings similar to what my grandma described on this day. Thanks for running this website I am very fascinated with these stories and love to think about what is out there. Special thanks to Joe Mislosky for reporting this to World UFO Photos.

  2. One of our favorite blog followers emailed us and said that she was listening to the radio last night and the host of the show saw something in the sky hovering, and so did a person who called in – they both said that they had seen the UFO’s too! WOW!

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