How Photo Effects Enhance Your Snapshots

We live in a digital world, so why not take advantage of it and enhance your photographs with some incredible photo effects.  The first photo below is untouched and shows how wonderful the clouds looked with the sun peeking through them.  Then, we played around in our photo editor ( and added some effect to enhance the photo.  It is amazing how by adding a simple effect can change the photo dramatically.  We are using pixlr since Picnik closed down earlier this year.

Everyone needs a good photo editor and you don’t need to spend tons of money on purchasing Photoshop either, as you can find many online photo editors for free, but I will always go with the editor that someone else refers first as they have tried it out already and give it good reviews.  The other photo editor that I use is called    Each of the photo editors that I use are great, but each one has many differences, so try each of them to see which one is better for you!


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