How to Make a Night Light Cover from Melting Beads

Well, just when you think that you have exhausted all of your craftiness, we have gone and done it again!  Yep, we came up with a really neat way to make yourself a modern night light cover – – by melting some pony beads!

We headed out to the Dollar Store and picked up a Tinker Bell Night Light for $1 and knew that we could use this in our craft project.  The Tinker Bell front cover was removable (phew) from the night light and we were happy to see that, as we were prepared to cut it off if it was not.  (this saved us a step for sure)

Anyhow, if you viewed our first post on how to make a sun catcher from melting beads, you will remember how we got started.  If not, click here to catch up with the process.

First, we pulled out our metal mini loaf pan and started creating a design in the pan with pony beads.  Once we got our design complete, the next step is to head outside and get the grill all fired up.  Once the grill is nice and hot, place your metal loaf pan on the grill – – and watch as the beads start to melt.  This melting process takes between 10-15 minutes as the beads are laid in a single layer in the pan.  Once the beads are all melted, and you will know when to take them off the grill as the top of your design is all smooth with no bead bumps.  (once you do this, you will know what I mean)  Remove the pan from the grill (and remember that your pan is extremely hot) and let your pan cool.  Once the pan is cooled, just turn it over and tap the bottom of the pan and your melted bead design pops right out!

Now, comes the fun part – attaching your plastic design to the night light.  As we mentioned earlier, we removed the plastic Tinker Bell night light cover already, and since we did, we needed to add a little spacer between the night light and your new melted design, so we hot glued a clear pony bead to the front of the night light (which worked out perfectly).  If we did not add the clear bead to the front of the night light, our melted cover would have been a bit too close to the light bulb, so we did not want it to get too hot from the bulb and perhaps melt, so that is why we added a clear bead as a spacer.  Once the glue dried around the bead, we just hot glued the plastic design we just made onto the bead and just created the neatest modern night light cover ever!

The steps are quite simple, but making the bead design in the pan was the most fun part of this craft project.  You could go crazy and make all sorts of designs as the possibilities are endless.  Make some for yourself, your kids room, or even the kitchen as these will for sure be a great conversation piece!  Even make a night light cover so your pooch can see their water dish at night!

4 thoughts on “How to Make a Night Light Cover from Melting Beads

  1. Made cake plates with my adult children this weekend and love, love, love them. Night lights, what a great idea and I thank you for it!

    • Hi Marnie! I am glad that you enjoyed the night light idea and I hope that you try making one for yourself! That is so neat that you also made some cake plates!

  2. I know this is an “older post,” but I am randomly catching up on all I missed before I knew about your bloggie-blog. This is clever and you are very talented! I hadn’t thought of using small bread pans…nice work, puppy dog, nice work!

    • Aw, thank you! I have a lot of fun creating things! You can find a lot of things at the dollar store for crafts too, and that night light was $1. If you tried using the small bread pans to melt your beads, you could hot glue the pieces together to make a squared lamp shade too, or you could just place the shade over a candle! If you make anything, I would love to see it! ~Valerie~

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