How Do You Get The Word Out About Your Blog?

You have created a blog, now what?  You need to capture an audience.  You need traffic.  But all of this does not happen overnight, as it takes time and a lot of perseverance to gain loyal readers and followers.  Setting up a blog is a lot of fun as you have many options to choose from, like hundreds of blog themes, interchangeable widgets and a plethora of add-ins to make your blog experience the best ever!

One way to get the word out about your blog, is word of mouth and lots of business cards!  Don’t have a blog card?  We can help you create one!  Everywhere we go, we pass out Nikitaland blog cards and have grown our visitors very quickly.  For example, while we are shopping at PetSmart with Nikita, everyone always wants to pet her (as she has the softest fur ever) and of course, we hand them a blog card so they can keep up with what we are doing, and what Nikita is up to!  Another way we pass out her cards, is by placing a blog card in every eBay package we ship – yet another great way to connect with pet lovers around the world.  (this is how we met our friend Karen and her wonderful family)

Here are a few samples of the blog cards that we have made over the years:

Another way to get the word out about your blog is to create a blog button.  Don’t have a blog button?  We can help you create one!  These blog buttons can be shared with other bloggers to add to their blog and it will gain you more traffic and visitors.  What a great way to increase your traffic, eh?

This is what the blog button will look like

If you would like to ADD our blog button to your blog, here are the steps to do it.  First, go to your Dashboard, then to Appearance, then to Widgets.  Next, under Widgets, click on Text.   Name the text box Nikitaland, and paste the code below into the text box, then click save.  You have now successfully added our blog button to your blog!  (leave us a note that you have added our button to your blog)  Here is the code for our blog:  <a href=””><img src=”; /></a>

Be creative about how you get the word out about your blog, but do something!  The more you talk about your blog, the better your traffic will be, not to mention all the great people you will meet along the way.  We always have room for more friends!  So, if you need help in creating a blog card, or a blog button, let us know and we’ll help you.  All in all, just don’t start a blog and think that the traffic or followers will come, you need to first write intriguing posts to capture attention, then get to work getting the word out that you’ve got a blog worth following by handing out your business cards and sharing your blog button with other fellow bloggers.  It is all worth it!

13 thoughts on “How Do You Get The Word Out About Your Blog?

  1. Hey, Nikita!, Your Blog is sooo… “woof”erfull!!! We always look forward to reading your Blogs!!! Is that my Mommy and my Family that you mentioned in your Blog today? THANK YOU for thinking of us!!! All of us are home from our vacations now! Mommy said that she needs another vacation to rest up from their vacation! But, they did have a GREAT time! I had a BLAST on my vacation!!! I had LOTS of fun swimming in the kennel’s indoor inground swimming pool!!! It was only Jackie and I in the pool during my swim sessions! I like to retrieve my ball when it is thrown to the other side of the pool, and I also like to race someone to the other side too! The kennel thought that I was so funny because I didn’t want to get out of the pool when my session was finished!!! They want my Family to let me come swimming with them in the winter! They had so much fun with me! They said that my Family can watch me through the observation window and take pictures! I would have to schedule my swim sessions around therapy sessions because that is the real reason for the pool. My Family is thinking about it since I cannot swim in my pool in the winter because it is outside, and I would be getting some exercise in the winter. Well, I had better stop writing for now. I hear THUNDER!!! I have to get my hiding place together for the storm coming! (I paw at the bathroom carpets, scatter them into a ball, and hide in them in the bathroom!) LOTS of wet puppy kisses and LOVE, Harmony XO (Oh, my Mommy and Daddy and Christopher said, “HI!!!”)

    • Hi Harmony – Christopher, Daddy, and of course Mommy! Glad to hear from you guys! It has been a long time since we have heard from you and we MISSED YOU! Yes, my Mommy mentioned your Mommy in her blog as she thinks that your Mommy is so awesome. You missed a lot of things while you were on vacation: I had a birthday (I turned 2), and my Mommy had a birthday too (but she is not telling me how old she is though) LOL We have been struggling with our first raised garden as the weather has been so hot lately that the plants are struggling to survive. We have picked quite a bit of tomatoes so far and we are looking forward to some more veggies soon. I have never been swimming before, so I don’t know if I know how to do that. I would love to try, as that would be so cool. I am scared of the thunder too, but I just cling to Mommy’s side when the big boom booms start. Now that you are back from your vacation, I hope that you will stop by our blog again real soon. P.S. – I think it is about time for another guest blog from you Harmony! Are you up for it? Hugs & kisses to everyone in your family from all of us! Woof Woof!

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