Send Them Back To School…with LOVE!

It’s that time of year again that kids dread most … heading back to school after a long Summer break.  Oh the things that they will miss, like sleeping in real late, swimming, going to theme parks & riding roller coasters, hanging with friends, and doing all sorts of other fun Summer things, but here’s a reality check kids – it’s that time of year again & it’s time to head back to school!

When the kids head back to school, it also means a lot of different things to the parents, like I now have time to do some major cleaning around the house, time to paint that room, or time to organize the garage to which we all put off doing.  It also means that the seasons are changing and we have already noticed it getting darker earlier in the evenings, and pretty soon we will feel the chill in the air to which at first, it will feel good to be away from those three-digit temps most of us have been dealing with, but it also means that Fall will be upon us before we know it, then the oh so dreaded snow.  (I know that I am not ready to start shoveling snow any time real soon myself)

I remember when I was in school (not going to mention how many years ago that was), but I remember how much I dreaded that first day back.  Ug, I can’t believe how fast Summer just flew by I would say to myself, but oh well, let’s get this day over already.  Back to school to most kids, means new clothes and new school supplies (and the list of things needed for kids these days are super duper long).   Anyhow, for Mom’s, you now have to start packing lunches for your little ones as they head out the door and this always makes me think back to that TV show, Leave it to Beaver, where June Cleavor would stand by the front door as Wally & the Beaver head out the front door with their brown lunch bags as they waved goodbye to Mom.

While you are preparing their lunches, either the night before or in the morning, make sure you sneak in a little note in their lunch so they will find later, as this will always brighten their day!  We have created some cute “Back to School” notes that you can printout on card stock paper and cut them out and have a few on hand when you need them.  What a great way to show your loved ones that you are thinking of them!  If you use any of these designs, why not take a photo of your note to share with us & we will add it this post!

So, have some fun, print some out and put a smile on your little angels faces!


6 thoughts on “Send Them Back To School…with LOVE!

    • Wally would have been embarrassed to get a note from June! He’s too cool for notes! Now, if the Beaver got a note from June, then that nasty snarky Judy who picks on him would for sure make fun of the Beav!

  1. You may be dreading the snow but, remarkably, it snowed here, in Johannesburg, yesterday. I was like a kid, running around outside, so excited. The last time it snowed here was probably 20 years back. Of course, our version of snow melted the second it hit the ground, so it didn’t signal any work but wow, were we all excited!

    • WOW! That is amazing! It snowed here in April (kinda late in are area) but I took a photo of our frame for our raised garden bed with the snow falling down on it and it made me laugh. At that moment we were starting our plans for our first home garden, and it was snowing on our raised garden bed. We laughed. What are your temps today in Johannesburg?

      • Sorry, only spotted your reply now. I really am bad and keep getting somewhat overwhelmed by all the messages coming in. Guess I’ll get used to it as I go. Anyway, definitely no snow. We are now at a very respectable 20c / 68 farenheit. Not bad for mid-winter!?! See why we were so surprised to have snow!

      • Not bad at all. We just got our first cool down here from our 90 – 100 degree temps, and it is starting to feel like Fall already.

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