Which Sport Would Your Pet Win an Olympic Medal In?

Let’s face it, we all think that we have the smartest dog in the world.  We brag about the things that they do, laugh at the silly things, and shake our heads at the things that shock us, but no matter what they get into, they are still our pets and we love them!  But does your pet have what it takes to bring home the gold? 

With the Summer Olympics in full swing right now, we thought that it would be fun to see “Which sport would your pet win an Olympic medal in?”   We know that Nikita has a good chance at winning some gold medals, but you be the judge. 

The Pet Olympics:  “Get your Game Face on

11 thoughts on “Which Sport Would Your Pet Win an Olympic Medal In?

    • Greetings AJ’s Mom! Thanks so much for the lovely comment! Nikita is adorable, isn’t she?!! We love her so much! Sign up to our blog so you don’t miss out on anything, not to mention some great craft ideas too!

      • Awww, such a lovely name. I thought Nikita was your name. Sorry. But that’s a really nice name. I’ve just followed you guys. 🙂

      • LOL, our dogs name is Nikita, my name is Valerie! We started our blog, Nikitaland, two years ago when we adopted Nikita from the APL so we could blog about her growing up and our family life. Nikitaland has turned into a fun place with over 1,000+/month (and growing every month) visitors! Glad you could join us! P.S. – I added your blog button to our site today! 🙂

    • You would for sure win that event! I can run really quick too, and only got off my leash once – – Mommy never wants to see THAT again! Good Luck in bringing home the Gold!!! 🙂

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