Paranormal Pooping

This activity is very paranormal.  Mommies from all over the world have been trying to solve this mystery for years.  Weird things have been happening.  We think our house is haunted.  That has to be the only answer as to why this is happening, and it never happens in front of us, yet it appears out of nowhere.  One minute you see nothing, then the next time you look … there it is! 

What is happening is that poop piles are appearing in the basement, paranormal poopies.  No way could the kitties be leaving us presents because we all know that every cat knows how to use a litter box when it’s born, so how can we find these entities where they should not be?  Perhaps something is scaring the poop out of the cats and that’s why these piles appear, but we think not.  So how do we get rid of these entities?

Yes, it’s true.  When cats are born, they instinctively know where they should poop and do their business, but we have one cat, named Angelica, who apparantly does not know that poop belongs “inside” the litter box.  She constantly goes right in front of it, or to the side of it, but never “in” it.  We have tried multiple things like changing the kitty litter (did not work), we have tried putting two litter boxes in the area to encourage her to “pick one” and go (but that did not work), so after disinfecting the area well (time after time), she still goes directly outside the box and it is driving Mommy nuts!  We have even heard that cats do not like to step on things that feel weird, and we might even try getting one of the those fake green grass plastic mats and place it in front of the litter box to keep her from doing her business outside the box, but with our luck, she will probably poop right on it.  (grrr)   We also read somewhere that placing a dish of food next to the litter box would stop the cats from pooping outside of the box, as the article stated that “cats don’t go where their food is (and that theory was thrown out after a day as we found a nice paranormal pile right next to the food dish!) 

We thought that our house had to be haunted to have these paranormal poopies keep showing up, because we know that all cats know how to use a litter box, or do they?  Have you ever had this problem with your cats?  If so, how did you correct the situation?  What methods did you try?  Did you scold your cats and take them over to their pile and tell them that was a no-no?  We need HELP and need some suggestions! 

*** We created a COMIC STRIP for Paranormal Pooping, so if you want a good laugh, click HERE to view it!  *** (if you were interested in creating your own comic strip, go to and create a free account)

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