When Going to the Movies Turns into a Massacre

What is wrong with this picture?  You plan a nice night out to see a movie premier, only to have it turn into the worst shooting we’ve seen in years.  We are so saddened to watch the news these days, and learning about this recent shooting in Aurora, CO brings tears to our eyes.  Deaths and injuries that should have never happened.  It is so sad.

We know that schools have installed metal detectors to prevent future shootings, so what do we have to do now?  Should we live in fear on our next trip to the grocery store and be fearful that someone will start shooting at you while picking out some fruit or something for dinner?  We should be able to go out of our homes without wondering if you’ll ever come back.  It doesn’t make any sense.  How far do we have to go to preserve our safety?  Should we install metal detectors at every store, every bank, every library, to protect us?  What is going on in America?  It’s the land of the free and the home of the brave, now it’s the I must wear body armour and tote a gas mask when I want to see a movie.  And sometimes while sitting in your home where you feel safe and secure, you could get hit by a stray bullet just sitting on your couch. 

What do we do to protect ourselves these days?  The lives that are being lost is sad and the numbers are adding up by the day.  Our heart goes out to those who lost their loved ones in Aurora, CO.

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