The Storm on the Eve of the Fourth

Last night we had another huge storm whip through here with high winds, lots of rain, thunder & lightning.  I have been trying for a long time now to capture in a photograph a lightning bolt, but have been unsuccessful to date.  I sat by the front window last night trying to do just that and did not get any lightning bolts, but got some great storm photo’s. 


While sitting in the dark at the kitchen table watching the storm, my eye caught some interesting shadows on the ceiling from the kitchen light.  For me, being a photographer for many years, I notice things like this, as these things make very interesting subjects.  So I decided to take our little battery operated LED light and place it on the floor to see what Nikita would do.  She approached it, sniffed, and started to dance around it.  She then started batting it with her paws all around the floor as the glow from the LED lit up her face.  (sillydog)  That was the only fun that she had last night, as the loud thunder and lightning had her glued to us the rest of the time. 

Happy Fourth of July!  Have a safe holiday and remember that if you do set off any fireworks, you may be start a fire on all of the dry lawns in the neighborhood, so think twice about it.

We were starting to think that we might perhaps be rained out for our Fourth of July cookout, but woke up to sun and a high humidity index.  Great!  Now we will be sweating to death over a hot grill, but that’s ok because nothing beats a grilled hot dog with slightly burned edges.

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