Driving While Drunk – Not a Good Idea

In less than a 24 hour period, we have had two drunk driver accidents in our neighborhood.  The first one happened on Tuesday night at the end of our road where a young drunk driver ran into the back of a car with two elderly people in it.  The drunk driver was given the sobriety test on the sidewalk and failed miserably as she missed finding her nose with her finger and did not know how to point her leg forward when asked as she pointed it backwards instead.  It was amusing to watch, however, the number of people driving drunk has been visibly increased and it needs to stop. 

Then last night, we saw an ambulance race down the road past our house, followed by the fire truck, so we decided to head outside to see what happened.  We walked up the street to see yet another accident by another drunk driver!  The drunk driver side-swiped a parked car along the side of the street and kept going, but the damage to her car stopped her about 500 feet from the car she hit.  Both cars are un-driveable as it appears that the tires and fenders were damaged severely.  I felt so bad for the parked car that was hit because the car belonged to a young college student named Melissa who was visiting her friend.  Since I take my camera everywhere I go, I took photographs of both cars for Melissa for her insurance and she was happy for my assistance. 

I got a chance to speak to one of the police officers on the scene about how our road has numerous people speeding down the road, crashing the stop signs, some drag racing on occasions, and told him that their presence on this road is needed badly.  The officer was very receptive to what I was telling him and said that they are working on it and will be around more often. 

Driving while drunk is not a good idea, rather a bad one.  So if you are out and have a few drinks – – – be responsible and call someone to pick you up, call for a cab, but don’t drive!  The next time you drink and drive could result in a death, it could be your life, or someone elses, but was it worth it having one more drink?  I don’t think so.

2 thoughts on “Driving While Drunk – Not a Good Idea

  1. Thanks for a very sobering reminder of what can happen when people mix booze and cars (pardon the pun). I’m glad you were able to help the college student document the damage to her car. Hopefully everything will be covered, poor thing …

    • It is an eye-opener for sure, not to mention very close to home. More people need to be responsible for their actions, but with their poor decision to drive after drinking, only turns into something bad. This is a sobering reminder of what can happen when you choose to drive while intoxicated and with the 4th of July approaching, more of this will happen for sure.

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