Schnoodle Dies While Getting a Groom

We are sickened to hear on the news yesterday that a local Pet Supplies Plus store is responsible for a dog’s death while it was in the store for a shampoo & a groom as it resulted in the hanging death of 2 year old Nannie the Schnoodle.  This poor saddened family lost their family pet.  So how do you prevent a groomer from harming your four-legged loved one?

Nannie was left unattended on the grooming table in the groomer noose, while the groomer left the room.  The news reports said that her paws were bloody probably trying to get back up on the table.  The groomer could be charged with animal neglect which carries a penalty of up to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

This news report has truly saddened us, not to mention we feel for the family who has lost their four-legged loved one.  I cannot even imagine what the family is going through right now and how sad and heart broken they must be after taking their dog in for a simple shampoo and a groom to end in the death of your pet.

If anyone knows how to setup up a collection fund for this family so they can get another dog, let us know.  Hopefully, perhaps an animal shelter could donate a new dog to this family.  We know that it won’t take the place of Nannie, but it could lessen their sorrows. 

To the family of Nannie, we are so sorry for your loss and you will be in our prayers today.

Here is the link to the news story & video:

4 thoughts on “Schnoodle Dies While Getting a Groom

    • Hey Rumpy,
      I know. We still are in shock after viewing that news report! How neglectful can a groomer be? You can’t & shouldn’t leave any animal on a grooming table as something like this could happen. The dog must have been yelping in pain – and yet NO ONE heard it? Something is not right.

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