The Art of Doing Stuff

I ran across this great website called “The Art of Doing Stuff” and you can check it out here .  Karen is the writer of this blog and she has great ideas on her site for re-purposing items, and lots of things to do with items you find at a Dollar Store.  It caught my interest and I subscribed immediately to her posts so I would not miss anything.  Karen just recently did a post about her friends dog and posted a really funny photo of the dog standing in a bird bath, and she asked for everyone to email her photo’s of their pets too, and Nikita was included in her recent post.  Here is the link to check out all of the great photographs of some adorable pets

Check out Karen’s website and you can see for yourself why you should subscribe to her posts and make sure if you leave a comment to tell her that Nikitaland referred her!   Have a great day “Doing Stuff”!

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