Red Warty Thing

Growing pumpkins in your backyard goes hand and hand with the arrival of Halloween.  We decided last year to start growing our own pumpkins just to see what we would get out of our plants, and we were happy to see that we produced a 20.6 pound pumpkin!  We had a little problem with some critters (aka chipmunks) that either ate the small plants as soon as they came up out of the ground, or they dug in the dirt to chomp on the seeds, and then we had a deer problem too who ate half of our pumpkin vine one night and stunted the growth of our little kins.

So this year, we have once again planted more pumpkin seeds in the backyard like Big Daddy’s, Connecticut Field, and Jack Be Little Pumpkins (the smaler little pumpkins you pick up in the grocery store).  Just the other day while at Petitti’s Garden Center we found the coolest looking pumpkins ever – they are called Red Warty Thing, so we decided to pick up a pack & see what happens when we plant them.  The Red Warty Thing pumpkin is just what the name implies, it has lumpy, red-orange skin.  This is a very decorative pumpkin that adds color and rich texture to a fall display.  Putting the name aside, Red Warty is excellent for eating with it’s sweet, stringless flesh.  How to plant the Red Warty Thing:  Planting Depth – 1/2″, Spacing – approximately 6′, Days to Germination – 6-10 days, Weight & Size – approximately 20 lbs and 14″ diameter, Maturity to Harvest – 110 days. 

So, today we are going to plant some of these Red Warty Things and see what happens and we’ll keep you updated on the progress of them.  Wish us luck!

Also, we have more than a 1,000 of our Connecticut Field Pumpkin Seeds available for sale if you would like to try growing some nice sized pumpkins in your backyard this year.  So if you want a nice 20+ lb. pumpkin to carve this year, check out our seeds!  Click on the banner below to purchase!

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