Halloween is Coming…Are You Ready?

Halloween is only 148 days away and we are getting ready for our favorite time of year.  We have a great selection of Halloween products & home decorations to fit all of your needs from a simple Halloween placemat to animated foggers for your own home haunt.  We also have handmade wood tombstones available for you to paint & personalize the way you want for your front yard without fear of them falling down like the styrofoam ones do in a wind.  There are so many things to choose from, so we know that you will be able to find something that will perk your interest. 

Halloween is not only for kids anymore, as more and more adults (like us) have a lot of fun decorating for the witching hour.  For example, last year we made a cemetery gateway out of boxes and created a lighted entrance for our trick-or-treaters to walk through and had our fog machines setup to add a smokey entrance for all the kids.  They loved it and just stood there in the fog that eerily hung in the air around them!  Halloween for us, is all about creativity – the more creative you are, the greater the effect.

Halloween would not be complete without a great pumpkin to carve.  Instead of heading out to a store to buy a pumpkin, why not try growing your own?  We grew Connecticut Field Pumpkins last year and dried our seeds, and now you can purchase some of our seeds for yourself!  We had so much fun growing our pumpkins last year and watching them grow, as the leaves grew to more than 17″ in size and produced 20 pound pumpkins! 

Check out our Halloween products today and see if we have something to fit your needs, and check back often as we add things weekly!   Happy Haunting!

NOTE:  Click on any photo to be redirected to our eBay Store for product information.




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