Adorn Your Front Door in Patriotic Style with a Monogram

It’s time to start thinking about getting your decorations ready for the Fourth of July, and what a better way to show your patriotic pride with a Monogram on your front door!  We have just designed the Letter R (for now) in a patriotic style so you can add it to your front door, or hang it anywhere in your house for instant charm. 

Wood Monogram “R” is made from 1/2″ pressed wood and weighs 2.5 pounds, is painted in red, white and blue with red stripes and white stars, then sealed with a clear coat to protect the paint.  Hanger is include on the back of the “R” too for easy hanging.  (Back of the wood “R” is not finished or painted because no one looks at the back!)  Dimensions:  27 1/2″ x 17″ x 1/2″

We only currently have the Letter “R” available in this patriotic style, but we can see if we can make/design other letters for you, if you are interested, just email us!

So, if your First or Last Name begins with the Letter “R”, this wood patriotic monogram is for YOU!  (Your front door will thank you!)  To order one for yourself today, click here!


4 thoughts on “Adorn Your Front Door in Patriotic Style with a Monogram

    • Hey Rumpy! Thanks! Mommy made Daddy this Patriotic “R” and he was so surprised! Mommy hand draws all of her letters for these types of projects. She is so happy on how it has turned out! We have it hanging right now in the kitchen on the wall and it makes such a dramatic WOW factor when you see it!

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