Getting Closer to Salad Time

The end of May is getting closer, and it has been a rather busy month.  We got everything into the garden, had to replant a few things that didn’t quite make it – – now the waiting (and watching) starts!   Checking out the garden on a daily basis is now a routine for us, just like adding to our routine of the daily watering for our little plants.  We have had not much rain this month, which is kinda a good thing, because last year we had an enormous amount of rain that flooded out alot of our pumpkin seeds and we had to replant.  We know that our neighbors garden got flooded last year too and he had to replant everything.  It finally rained yesterday and soaked everything really well.  A lot of the neighbors lawns are dying out (already) and look like straw, but we have been watering ours every day to keep it alive and we have to because we have fertilized and also seeded our lawn with grass seed to thicken it up. 

We have documented everything that we have done with our plants for the garden, like when we first planted them in the seed cells, when we saw the first sprout, when they were planted in the garden and have taken lots of photographs along the way as we watch our garden get closer to actually enjoying a fresh “picked” salad!  We did a quick post awhile back, and asked for everyone to share with us their Salsa Recipe, and to our amazement, no one responded back with a recipe!  Come on!  We know that a lot of you out there have a favorite recipe for your own homemade salsa and we want to try it!  We have never made homemade salsa before and we want the best recipe to snack on during the summer, so if you have a recipe to share, we’re ready! 

We have had a lot of trouble with our cucumber plants, and first off, we started them way too early indoors as they germinated quite quickly.  So, next year, we are just going to plant them directly in the garden and not start them indoors.  We have already had to replant quite a few of them, and the seeds that we put directly into the garden are coming up nicely.  Just can’t wait for that first picked cucumber!  The thought of a fresh picked cucumber & tomato salad with Italian dressing on it is making my mouth water…

Our Copenhagen Cabbage is coming along nicely and getting bigger by the day.  We have also planted some Flat Dutch Cabbage too, but it is a little behind the Copenhagen.  No worries, they will catch up!  But, our leaf lettuce is emerging from the garden with leaps and bounds!  I looked back in our photographs, and noticed that on May 11th, we saw our first “green” emerging from the soil, and now on May 26th, it is getting quite bushy!  Almost salad time for sure! 


Our poor little tomato plants that we started indoors all took a dive after they went into the garden.  But, we think that what killed them was perhaps that we did not clip a few plants that were planted in the seed cells so one plant could survive.  After we saw what happened, we did some research and found that if you plant a few tomato plants in a seed cell, you must clip all but one so the one can get stronger.  If you leave them “all” in the seed cell without clipping them, then you will run into the issue we did, as they killed each other off.  Since this was our first time doing this, we have decided that next year, we will only start one tomato in a seed cell and see if that works out better for us. 

Our Bush Lake Beans are coming along nicely, even though we have planted a few extra seeds directly in the garden – just in case.  We are also surprised that lots of our bean plants have little beans on them already!  When we were talking to our neighbor, he said that he was surprised that we had beans already on our small plants and that his bean plants produced beans only when his plants were much much bigger.  Who knows why we have beans starting to grow already on our small plants, but it is really neat to see them.  We are for sure going to have a lot of beans this year, and we will have to freeze some.

As for me, Nikita, I am doing well and having fun playing with my Rigatoni boxes!  LOL   Heck, any box will do for me, as I can find fun with anything made out of cardboard!  I got my nails clipped on Friday and boy oh boy was I a big baby.  They had to drag me into the back room because I knew what was going to happen.  I even tried crawling up on Daddy’s lap to get away from the nice lady coming to get me, but that did not work, as I went reluctantly with her, but not without a fight.  Geez, Mommy said, as I looked over my shoulder one last time before the door closed behind me.  The funny thing is, is that I am in and out of that room so fast, so why do I make such a huge fuss?  Ha ha, I can say that now, after the fact, but man I don’t like getting my nails clipped! 

Grandma had a birthday on Thursday and we surprised her with a very special handmade gift.  Daddy bought Mommy a really awesome cement mold for a “GROW” stepping stone, and Mommy mixed up some cement and sealed it with cement sealer and made one for Grandma for her birthday!  Grandma always tells us that she loves homemade things because they are more special, and we know that she will always think of us every time she looks at her stepping stone in her flower garden!  We love you Grandma!  What do you think?  Do you like it?

And, you know my Mommy, she is always goofing around with wood projects, and she even surprised Daddy with a neat, hand cut with a jigsaw, a “GROW” sign.  She painted it Key Lime Green and accented the outside border with black and now the sign looks 3-D.  That Mommy, she is something else, not to mention that she has become very versed with the use of a hand jigsaw!   Mommy also finished her wood House Boxes and painted them all in a patriotic manner, just in time for the Fourth of July, and she even made Grandma two because she wanted them so badly and thought they were adorable. 

Like we said, it has been a busy month with lots of things going on and with our garden project going on, it is hard to keep up with the blog some days as there are only so many hours in a day, ya know.  But, we will do our best to keep everyone up to date on what’s going on.  We all hope you have a great Memorial Day and don’t forget to have a hamburger for me!  (as for me, Mommy is going to keep me away from the raw hamburgers so I don’t eat any like I did last year) 



6 thoughts on “Getting Closer to Salad Time

  1. corn salsa

    on a grill
    8-10 ears of corn– put ears of corn husk and all into a bucket of water for about 2 minutes the place on grill for 15-20 minutes or until you think they are done.
    also grill 2 yellow squash sliced into 4ths, one red onion cut into 4ths, 1 large tomato cut into 4ths, 1 green pepper cut into 4ths, (we make wedges for all the vegs except the squash which we cut longways) and while they are grilling we make a dressing of 1/2 cup olive oil 1/3 cup apple cider vinegar, handfull fresh basil and oregano (chopped about 12 leaves each)1 tsp salt and i crushed clove of garlic, After mixing altogether sut in fridge till veggies are done. After the veggies are nice and grilled, take off and let cool for a while. Shuch corn and cut off cob.cut all other veggies into bite size pieces put all into large bowl and the pour on veggies. Let cool while cooking meat then serve. It takes a while to do but the veggies taste gteat with the smokey flavors. You can grill the corn without thw husk but it’s easier to leave it on till done.

  2. Hi, Nikita!!, Your garden looks DELICIOUS!! I wish that there was a way that us Doggies could grow dog food, or doggie biscuits in the garden! I see Doggies burying bones in the ground on TV, but they never sprout! And, I hear people talk about money growing on trees! What gives? What do you think? We are in a deficit of rain for the year here, but we could have done without the 2-3 inches of rain in an hour and the lightning, thunder, gusty winds, and VERY humid yesterday! All of that caused flash flooding in some areas! We are fine, thankfully!! The weather has been unsettled here for the past week! It is VERY HOT AND HUMID today!! We hope to have a Memorial Day cookout tomorrow. I can’t wait to eat my cheeseburger tomorrow!! I know that you don’t eat “COOKED” (just kidding, tee hee!) cheeseburgers or any other food besides your Doggie food, but maybe you should try to make a hamburger out of your Doggie food(Hmm, what an idea!). My Mommy is going to have to e-mail your Mommy one of these days to let you know ALL of the things that is or was happening in our neck of the woods. A HINT to one of the NEAT AND HAPPY AND PROUD things is that we have another “GRADUATE” in our house!! Hope that you and your Mommy and Daddy have a GREAT Memorial Day Weekend too!! LOVE YOU, Nikita!!, Harmony XO P.S. Mommy said that she doesn’t have a homemade Salsa recipe. She does like the chunky one that she buys from the store! But, she is also open for other Salsa recipes! We are ALMOST finished eating our home grown green beans that my Mommy put in the freezer from last year’s growing season; time to plant some more! They do come up QUICKLY from seed when planted directly in the ground! And, yes, they can have beans on them when the plants are still little! Prepare yourself for LOTS of beans!! (Heard some CLAPS of THUNDER; GOT TO GO AND HIDE in my HIDING SPOT!! DRATS!! Someone is shooting off firecrackers too; I DON’T like THOSE either!! BYE!!)

    • Hey Harmony! Congrats to Christopher for graduating, that is awesome news! Wouldn’t that be great if we could grow money on trees? LOL That is great that you get to snack on hamburgers, but I don’t. I only got to eat those raw ones last year and got sick afterwards. Daddy & Mommy only let me eat my doggie food, and I don’t beg at the dinner table for their food either, but immediately right after they get done eating, I do beg for “treats” every night with Daddy. It’s funny how I watch everything they are doing and once I see the dinner plates are off the table, I go immediately into my cute act and start begging for treats, then I give Daddy kisses afterwards (and burp in his face a few times too – sorry Daddy) As for the salsa recipe, Mommy can’t wait for the day when she can pick a few tomatoes, clip some fresh cilantro and a hot pepper & onion and whip up some homemade salsa! YUM is what Mommy says as this is her favorite snack in the summer. We had a storm roll in here the other day too, but it did not last long. Mommy has been setting up the sprinkler every morning in the front yard for about 10-15 minutes and it has kept the front lawn all green – not like all of our neighbors lawns that are now brown and look like straw. We fertilize our lawn so we have to keep it watered or else it will look like the neighbors lawn and we don’t want that!

      Tell your Mommy to send us a story on Christopher’s graduation, like what he majored in etc, and we can do a nice blog post for him to congratulate him! (he would like that) We are glad to hear that all is well on your end of the world. Stay cool today, as it appears that it is going to be a HOT one for sure! Tell your Daddy & Mommy we said hello! Hugs & puppy kisses to you! Nikita xoxoxo

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