Fourth of July Crafts

With the Fourth of July creeping up upon us, I decided to create some homemade crafts for the 4th.  Remember my wood house box that I was unsure as how to paint it?  Well, I decided to design them in a Fourth of July theme.  I still need to pick up some embellishments for the house boxes, like wood stars and a few wood “4” numbers, and some more wood “feet” for the boxes.  Take a peek at how I finished the two house boxes, and let me know what you think!  I will make a house that is blue with white stars all over it too!



Then, while I was finishing off the houses, I decided to re-purpose an empty wine bottle.  (it is fun “emptying” the wine bottle too)  I cleaned off the wine bottle with all the labels, cut out some different sized stars from cardstock and attached them to the bottle with double-sided sticky tape.  Then, I took out the gold metallic spray paint that I used for my Easter eggs and sprayed the entire bottle and let it dry out in the sun.  Then, very carefully, I peeled off the stars from the bottle.  (you have to be careful when you do this or you will scratch the spray paint)  Next, I dropped a string of white Christmas lights into the bottle, leaving the end of the lights coming out of the top of the bottle, then plugged it in.  Whala, instant starry charm for the Fourth!   NOTE:  When the lights were in the bottle and lit, I noticed that I could have used a second coat of the gold spray paint on the bottle, but the next bottle I do, I will do a second coat for sure!)    Also, an empty wine bottle can be spray painted red too!  Use your painters tape to make stripes around the bottle and add your cardstock stars to the bottle too, then spray paint it red and add your white Christmas lights! 

So, what do you think?  I can now use the adorable painted houses on our Fourth of July table to hold silverware, napkins, cups, or anything that I can think of and the bottle will sit on the table to light up the night when we have our fire pit.

10 thoughts on “Fourth of July Crafts

    • Thanks Rumpy! The wine bottle idea came to me after I saw our little pile of empty wine bottles for the recycle trash and I thought…”what could I do with those?” Just get out your spray paint and painters blue tape and have some fun! 🙂

  1. Love the house and the bottle. I think I’ll try to do the bottle. The dollar store has different shaped bottles, wouldn’t a group look great!!!

    • Hi Auntie Rene! Since the first gold bottle turned out so well, I am going to make another few! I am working on one now that will be spray painted all red with stripes going around the bottle and then add some stars to the top of the bottle. This one would look great for the fourth! Glad you liked how my crafts turned out! If you make any bottles, make sure you send me a photo of it!

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