Watch LIVE – Pledge For Pets Radiothon

The seventh annual Pledge For Pets Radiothon is going on now through Saturday!  Watch it live here: 

Here are some of the sad stories you will hear about:

Raisin came into us a year-old puppy.  Her owners’ idea of housetraining her was to leave her on a balcony all night.  One night they awoke and Raisin was not on the balcony but rather on the ground below unable to move.  They brought her to the APL.  Both Raisin’s front legs were broken.  An APL vet tech offered to foster Raisin while she recovered.  Unfortunately, the break in one of Raisin’s leg was so severe it became infected and the decision was made to amputate the leg.  She was up and walking that same day.  After some more TLC and time to heal in her foster home, she came back to the APL and went up for adoption.  She is now Zoe and lives with her loving mom and dad and canine sister, Maggi, who she adores!

Simon was brought in to the APL by a Good Samaritan after she noticed he seemed to be in pain and wasn’t walking well.  He was a stray cat and likely hit by a car, although the cause of injury is unknown. He came to us with a fractured pelvis and left femur and a dislocated hip. Simon required multiple procedures—he had a pin placed in his leg and had another very complicated orthopedic procedure done.  Simon was with us for 7 months while recovering from his injuries (much of that time was spent in a loving foster home). Despite all of his injuries, he was a very charming cat and he quickly became a favorite of staff and volunteers.

YOU CAN STILL DONATE!  Call 216-566-7387 and tell them you want to make a donation under NIKITALAND, and add it to what we have already collected for the APL.

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