Need Your Comments on Craft Project

I am on a roll again….since our weather changed for the better and got a lot warmer this week, I pulled out my sheets of wood stored in the garage and decided to make something special.  Since we are going to do a garden this year, I thought that I would make something that I have entitled “Home is Where the Garden Is” – A Wood House! 

I saw a post on how to make a clay house pot, but since I don’t have any clay, I thought that I would try to make it out of wood.  I drew the house sides and included a chimney (cut 2), cut out two sides and a bottom.  Then after sanding all the pieces really well, I nailed all the pieces together.  My house box ended up being 8″ tall x 5 1/2″ x 5 1/2″. 

Now, I need YOUR help to tell me how I should finish the box.  What color should I paint the house box?  Should I paint a door or windows on it?  Let me know your thoughts! 

My original thought was to paint the house a lime green color as it will add a nice splash of color, but now I am thinking that since the Fourth of July is coming up, that I could paint it red, white, and blue and add some stars on it.  But, I want to HEAR how you think I should paint it!   I am ready for all your thoughts & comments! 



11 thoughts on “Need Your Comments on Craft Project

    • Hi Auntie Rene! Thanks, and a great idea for the patriotic theme! It would look cool painted red with some stars & stipes on it for the Fourth of July! We could even use it for silverware or napkins, but I think the possibilities of my little wood box are endless! How have you been?

      • Hi, sorry I haven’t talked to you lately. We got a new puppy named Snoop Dogg. He’s 5 months old and very “needy” right now. He’s so funny like trying to jump up for us to hold him. We are paper training and leash training. We got him a harness and he has tried just about everything to get out of it. I told your daddy about him. So far he hasn’t started playing with toys but loves fingers and socks. Were you like that???

        Love you, Auntie Rene’

      • Hey Auntie Rene, Congrats on Snoop Dogg! You will have to send us a photo of Snoop Dogg so we can put him on the blog! As far as playing with socks, I never did that, but I did rip up tons of Mommy’s shirts and pants when I was a puppy as my teeth were really sharp! Mommy had to get a lot of new clothes because there were so many holes in them! (Sorry Mommy) Good luck with your new puppy! 🙂

    • Hi Liv! Thanks! We just got four little beads and added them to the bottom for legs and it made it even cuter looking! I love working with wood and seeing what I can come up with!

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