If April Showers Bring May Flowers…What Does April Snow Flurries Bring?

Our weather here in Cleveland, OH is something else.  About two weeks ago we had temperatures in the low 80’s, and after enjoying those days in the sun, it quickly changed, just like the type of jacket that I needed to wear outside.  I changed out of my flip flops to a more sensible shoe for colder weather.  Now today, as I am sitting here maintaining our little seedlings getting them ready to plant in May, and I am watching it snow outside.  Yikes!  Well, at least I know that I won’t have to pull out the snow shovel, as this will hopefully pass real soon. 

It is just crazy, because April should always be a rainy month and bring those anticipated May flowers, but what does April snow flurries bring? 

Our little seedlings are coming along real nice, as this is day 9 for them.  Some of the germination time is slower than others, but we are being really patient and watch them every day as they progress.  I even noticed today that the cabbage leaves are starting to look like little hearts, aw!

And before I forget to mention this, we got a cute little item from Burpee called a Seed Sower which will come in handy when we plant our lettuce in the garden.  It holds your little seeds in a container and you just shake lightly your seeds into the soil.  This sure beats trying to plant the seeds by hand.  Anyhow, in the Burpee package we got, there was a flyer for a place where you can join a gardening community called “Home Farming” and you should check it out at www.homefarming.com .  No matter where you live, you can register your home garden, place updates to your profile of what you are planting and/or harvesting, and even talk to other fellow gardeners and ask questions.  There is lots more on this site, so check it out when you get the chance!

6 thoughts on “If April Showers Bring May Flowers…What Does April Snow Flurries Bring?

    • We’ve never done this before, so this is very interesting for us to watch them grow up! Just think, in a month, they will be planted in the ground! By the way, did you get the photo’s that I emailed to you the other day?

    • LOL, now that is funny! I made some snow dogs with Mommy in the winter, but not in April! LOL Plants are all ok as they are in the house maturing right now! Phew! Look back in our older posts to see the pics of our snow dogs we made!

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